16 Best Online Thrift Stores You Don’t Wanna Miss

Are you in search of old school clothes or some amazing decoration pieces?

If you want to attend some medieval themed party or you want to upgrade your living room with antique pieces then you must visit a thrift store. You can search for the best thrift stores near me. But if you don’t want to go to a physical store, your best bet would be online thrift stores.

Here, we have compiled a list of top online thrift stores to help you find what you love. You can easily find and select pre-loved clothes, accessories, decorations etc. with the ease of being at home.

These thrift stores have everything you could ever imagine at affordable prices. They have a selection of unique, hand-picked items in good condition. Now, let’s get started with our favorite picks!

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Maeven vintage is a Brooklyn based online thrift store that sells vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories. The company was founded in 2012 by Amy Yee and her husband as a side business which later on got famous. The talented owner of the company “Amy Yee” was named by Refinery29 as an industry insider for vintage clothing and her beautiful Etsy store as one of NYC’s best.

Maeven Vintage has a range from 60’s chic to 90’s bold. Each one of them is unique and attractive, whether it’s from a brand or an unknown label. Always read product description for the period of origin, size, label, type of fabric, and details about product condition. Rest easy because at Maevens you will find the best undergarments as Amy only selects those with minor flaws. Another plus point is that Maevens is an Etsy based business with global shipping options and an easy connection to local sellers. 


Persephone vintage is the best shop for curated modern vintage. Whether you want a fairy tale dress or a casual outfit, Persephone has endless options for you to choose from.

Persephone is considered one of the best online thrift stores for classy vintage clothing having thousands of 5 stars reviews. It’s everyone’s favorite because of their uniqueness and a wide range of vintage clothing including tops, pants, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, coats, shoes, and accessories. Another plus point about Persephone is that besides the basic description of the product it provides comprehensive measurement so you can be sure if the dress fits you perfectly!


MAW Supply is a black-owned online vintage thrift store that was found in 2012 by a couple named Norman and Rachelle Clark. MAW stands for Man and Woman and it is located in Houston, Texas. MAW Supply will take you back to the good old days of the 70’s to 90’s and make you want to should Howdy!! You can also support the brand by purchasing their MAW tees.

MAW has limited vintage apparel selection than others on the list but they keep on rolling the new additions. Besides this, a lot of choices are not a good thing when thrifting because it would be hard to choose. They have thousands of shop favorites.


The Luxury garage sale is a designer thrift online store that was found in 2011 and is based in Chicago, USA. They curate pre-owned authentic clothing and accessories from top brands all over the world. They offer a wide range of luxury second-hand clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories and sell them 80% off regular prices. If you’re a local of Chicago you can visit their brick and mortar stores. They offer pre-paid shipping labels and even pick up services in some cities.

A Luxury garage sale is one of the best US-based online thrifting stores that offers a luxurious yet affordable collection of clothing and accessories. You can check out their clearance section for cheap prices. Each piece is inspected and verified as authentic before selling or adding it into a collection by an expert. You may also come across exotic animal fur and skin materials which we recommend to avoid.


Urban Outfitters is a retailer found in 1970 in the USA and now has over 200 stores around the country and in Europe and Canada. Rather than ethical fashion, Urban outfitters offer a curated version of the original and Authentic Vintage collection that has been redesigned and upcycled according to the modern delineation. They offer a trendy collection of items including vintage docker’s jeans and upcycled denim cut-off shorts, vintage dresses, and jackets.

Urban outfitters are the most affordable online thrifting store offering the renewed vintage collection to a completely new style according to modern fashion. We love their cheap prices. Their vintage collection is available online in Europe, the USA, Australia, and Canada.


Rebag is a designer online thrift store devoted to luxury bags. They offer every kind of bag you could imagine, from handbags to backpacks and even professional totes. Being a luxury designer thrift store, Rebag focus on the usual designer list including fashionista darling “Stella Mccartney” who unlike most brands doesn’t use animal fur or leather and instead uses organic fabric and low impact dyes. Like most thrift stores, Rebag allows people to sell their second-hand bags on their platform.

Rebag has one of the biggest ranges for second-hand designer bags. Rebag strongly encourages reuse of the bags in existence with their infinity exchange program where customers can return any bag within 12 months with a credit worth 70-80% of its purchase price which can then be used in another purchase. This is a better option than buying a new bag.

7) ThreadUP

ThreadUp is an online top-ranked thrift store that offers a massive collection of women’s and kid’s clothing and shoe brands. It resells the products of nearly 35000 brands with up to 90% off the original retail price. This top-tier store is based in San Francisco and it is sponsored by the prime investors. It has revived the secondhand clothing industry and also persuades the new generation to ponder about secondhand clothes first.

Every day at any time they have more than 2 million pieces of clothes and also add almost 30000 new arrivals every single day. Moreover, they offer 24 hours service which means you can add the items to your cart at any time. This online used store has the option of tapering down your searches as per style, color, type, price, size and brand. Also, each product page contains some pictures and its complete description of the size, material, measurements, and condition.

8) Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia is an online used cloth store for adventurers. It offers a huge collection of high-quality second hand outdoor clothing for men, women and kids at affordable prices. Their motive is to lower down the garments consumption and make people get more benefits from the one they own.

This online used store not only resells the clothes but they also repair and recycle clothes. Worn wear also offers its customers to exchange their old Patagonia outdoor gears which they don’t want with new or used articles.

Patagonia is one of the best options for online used clothes stores as it retains its high-quality level. They can fix any torn articles and also clean the articles before selling it on Worn Wear. But while searching online for articles, its site doesn’t let you search by specific model.

9) PoshMark

Poshmark is a thrifting website that brings ease to online buying and selling of used articles. This thrift store also has an app on the Apple store or Playstore. It possesses about 25 million articles of about 5000 brands. At Poshmark, used clothes have no fixed price as they promote bargaining. It’s an offer/counter-offer feature that makes it unique to other online used cloth stores.

At the Poshmark site, you can like the articles and it will notify you when the price falls. Moreover, you can get an extra discount at Poshmark if you pick many articles from the same seller. Its site offers an option to look for what you want by specifying the style, color, size, price and brand.

If you are looking for a platform to sell your used articles, then Poshmark is best for you to maximize your profits. For this, you just need to post a picture on the app and earn a profit.

10) Ebay

Ebay is one of the oldest online thrift stores on the internet and the cheapest online thrift store.  It has a lot of fantastic products with exceptionally low prices than any other store. lt has been corroded because of scams over the years. Although, ebay is not a secure platform for buying and selling but if you pay via Paypal and follow the ebay guarantee guidelines then you don’t need to worry.

At ebay, you will find a variety of products from different places. With this selling site, you have the opportunity to use all categories of distinctive used clothes from many cultures around the globe. This site also provides the option to narrow down your search to exactly what you want.

11) The Real Real

The Real Real is the most interesting online thrift store because of its unique features. It has an immense variety of used vintage bags, shoes, apparel, accessories, clothes and even furniture that every fashion seeker love to purchase. It offers up to 85% commission to its sellers on the selling price of the products. It is the highest commission rate offered by any online thrift store.

This online used store offers in-home pickups which means you don’t have to dispatch your items in to sell. You don’t need to do anything because the company will do all the processes like authenticating, photographing, pricing and listing your items to sell. This service makes it different from other online used stores.

12) Leprix

If you are dreaming to have Gucci belts or YSL bags, but you are not able to afford them. Then you must visit Le Prix online thrift store to fulfill your dream. Le Prix is the best place to look for vintage lavish items. This online used store works on the consignment basis and it gathers luxurious brand items so that you find high-quality used items here on this platform.

But while searching online for items, its site doesn’t let you search by specific model. Leprix has an authenticity policy to make sure its customers that each product on the website is in good condition before it is posted.

13) ASOS Marketplace

ASOS is a British online used store that has now entered the United States too. It is a place where a multitude of independent vintage stores and boutiques from all over the planet sell their products. ASOS is a safe place to buy and sell, it holds the seller to appropriate standards. This fact is amazing that clothes that are sold on ASOS are always displayed by a truly diverse range of models and we appreciate the endeavor to be truly inclusive.

The clothes on ASOS generally are of very good quality and they specialize in vintage apparel. However, the ultimate quality products also hold a high-quality price tag. The products bought from ASOS are durable and tend to last longer. You must own a vintage clothing business if you want to sell clothes on the ASOS marketplace. ASOS online used stores do not take responsibility for their sellers, unlike eBay.

14) Depop

Depop is a unique online used store. It’s presumably slightly ahead of its time. Depop makes it fun to browse because the products are all posed to you in an Instagram-style feed. It is a community of 15 million+ artists, designers, stylists, sellers, and more. Depop is now a global hub of culture and design around the world. However, it’s all eye capturing but be cautioned, this is an edgy platform for “fashion creatives” and not everything on it is favorable for children.

Depop bid a wide range of quality and designs for their customers. After making a purchase, Depop gives you an option to share what you bought and how it looks, keeping the social media trend alive. Depop offers buyer and seller protection that maintains all the transactions made on Depop. So it is safe to use.

15) Refashioner

Refashioner is the thrifting store that connects you with the biggest designer vintage clothing in the world. The best thing about this store is its affordable price and premium quality. The prices of products are stunningly low. Not only its pricing is ridiculous but it does perfectly portray the state of the vintage clothing collectibles market. The website of Refashioner is very simple to use and the homepage has all the necessary information you need. Refashioner also involves handling the standards issues of the bigger industry.

Everything that they sell is of prime quality and they have prestige for selling items that last for a very long duration after purchase. Refashioner carry a treasure of vintage clothing. If you’re planning to style according to classic times, there’s no more credible way to do it than with Refashioner. Payment methods of Refashioner are more convenient than other stores of its kind, it supports paying with Paypal.

16) Tradsey

Tradsey is an online old marketplace that deals in luxury and designer fashion for women. The exclusive products on Tradsey are quite expensive, there are tons of discounts on Tradesy but most of them are still pretty expensive. They claim that their products are 100% authentic. Tradsey gives a complete refund in case of customer un-satisfaction with the product. Tradsey has a zero-tolerance policy for replicas, they use advanced technology to detect and eliminate replicas from their catalog. Tradsey is inclined towards selling high and famous brands.

Sellers claim that Tradsey is a very user-friendly platform to sell their excess designer products. Trade, unlike other thrifting platforms you can find used wedding dresses to buy. One unique feature of Tradsey is that you can create your own “style feed” which means that you can get suggestions that will assist you to develop your style and assure that your wardrobe does you justice.

Best Thrift stores in Washington, DC

Best thrift stores in Washington DC are as follows :

  • Meetups
  • Ella-Rue
  • Current Boutique
  • Fia’s Fabulous Finds
  • Smash! Records
  • Analog
  • Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot
  • Foundry by Freeman 
  • Lifelong thrif store 
  • Goodwill thrift store 


Meetups have 25 years of experience in vintage clothing, costumes and accessories serving Washington DC area. The stuff is great and the staff is very cooperative. Things are maybe a bit pricey but the quality will never let you down. Get your classic vibe on by selecting from Meetups a vast collection of vintage clothing.

2) Ella-Rue:

Ella-Rue is a glamorous consignment shop that offers a broad range of used and authentic women luxury designers. Ella-Rue deals in top brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès and many more. They order their consignment from different countries of the world and check every piece for authenticity thus ensuring the best quality.

3) Current Boutique :

The Current Boutique has 4 branches in DC. For fashion lovers seeking used items, a Current Boutique is a dream place. It sells second-hand items along with some brand new stuff. Moreover, their customer service is very friendly.

4) Fia’s Fabulous Finds :

As the name of the store indicates they deal only with fabulous products. They only trade in women’s clothing and they also host local artists-in-residence in the shop. Fia’s Fabulous Finds is a well-stocked store with good deals and best quality, it’s a must-visit shop if you’re looking for thrift items.

5) Smash Records :

Smash Records is a wonderland stop for punk and indie music freaks. It has been serving punk fans since 1984. It is a music shop in Washington that trades rock and roll new and old CDs and vinyl as well as Vintage rock fashion.

6) Analog :

Owners call it a “storio” because it is a blend of shop and studio. It is located near a Catholic university. Analog is stuffed with Vintage fashion from the past few decades. They also sell handmade stationery and paper goods. Customers have good reviews of Analog, so you must visit this shop.

7) Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot:

In this beautifully decorated shop, you can find vintage furnishings, accessories, and arts. Pixie Windsor is the owner of this shop. You can find Mid-century lounge chairs, 1940s art deco tables, groovy artwork, and many other classic designs. Visit this store and give your house a little touch of originality.

8) Foundry by Freeman:

Established in 2011, this is a Vintage fashion and furnishing store. Yvette Freeman the founder of this shop has collected vintage men’s and women’s fashion for years from around the globe. She searches for markets in America and Europe and brings the best furniture to DC.

9) Lifelong Thrif store:
Lifelong thrif store trades used furniture, housewares, and clothing. It is a non-profit store located in Seattle. Their goal is to provide food, housing, and health to HIV patients and patients with other chronic conditions. Lifelong is also known for a reasonable price, good quality and helpful staff.
10) Goodwill thrift stores :
It is another thrift store working for a good cause, Goodwill thrift stores is a non-profit chain with numbers of pre-owned clothing, furniture and housewares stores. The stores are well organized and clean, they provide good customer service and prices of merchandise are reasonable.

With the list of these amazing thrift stores, you can do some wonderful shopping by staying in the comfort of your home.