10 Best Plasma Balls 2023

Who doesn’t like ornamental colored lighting? A plasma ball is a perfect choice when it comes to novelty lights. Other than being the most interesting retro item that you could have in your house, it also adds vibrant energy to your bedroom or living room. Having a plasma ball changes the energy of your home. It is cool and a splendid gift for the children.

Also known commonly as plasma lamp or plasma sphere it lights up when you touch it which is the perfect mode of demonstrating electricity. It is an ideal gift for the children, as the abstractness of plasma balls helps the children get interested in science, and if they already are into science then they will love it. Apart from the fresh outlook, plasma balls are also a fun addition to your home’s decor.

1. Kicko Plasma Ball And Plug-in Lava Lamp

This nebula plasma ball is 7.5 in diameter. It is multifunctional and can be very handy for get-togethers or parties. Due to its artistic look, it can add a lot of value to your photoshoots. The kids will love it, and it will be a fun activity for your events.

This nebula ball is both sound and touch sensitive, therefore, it will light up your room and mood. It comes in two operational modes.

Touch-sensitive is the mode where the lightning bolts follow your fingertips on the globe, and another one is touch and sound sensitive, where you can put on any music of your choice along with tracing on it to create a wonderful lightning show of your own.

You will get a six-foot-long power cable in the package so that you don’t have to worry about the batteries going down while you are enjoying the lighting display or holding a party. Just plug and play from anywhere, anytime.

2. Lebbeen Glass Plasma Ball

Lebbeen Glass Plasma ball is a comparatively smaller plasma ball but one of my favorites because of its diversity.

It is a beautiful 6-inch electrostatic Flashing Ball that is touch sound activated.

Mostly the plasma balls react to only touching but this amazing plasma ball also gives you a fine experience with its sound sensitivity.

You can turn on the music and enjoy the plasma ball react to the sound, doesn’t it sound much more fun?

3. RioRand Plasma Ball USB Lamp

Riorand plasma ball can be charged using a USB port or you can also power it with four AAA batteries. It is an ideal product to teach your children about ions and electrodes, or you can also spice up the decoration of your office with a plasma globe sitting on your table.

The beautiful multi-colored light casting out of the middle looks amazing when you touch anywhere on the globe.

It is 6 inches long with 3 inches diameter and 4 inches base, the convenient dimensions of the plasma ball make it super easy for you to fix it anywhere in your home or office.

However, keep one thing in mind that the arcs will only be visible in a semi-dark room. If you take the globe outside, the arcs won’t be noticeable.

4. 8′ Nebula Plasma Ball Novelty Style

Plasma Sphere lamps make a perfect gift for any occasion. They are a cool and savvy present that will make anyone happy. This plasma ball is apt for the decoration of your home or even an office desk. It is 8 inches in diameter that releases your stress and beautifies your home elegantly.

It is manufactured by Unique gadgets and toys and is indeed an incredible piece of art. Nebula plasma ball stands out among the others because it has an auto shut down after 30 minutes of usage for the safety of the user. Also, it offers a variety in the color of the globe as well.

Nebula plasma ball is black instead of white which looks equally beautiful and creates a wonderful effect on the lightning bolts show. There are two operating modes to select from, always on or a voice sensitive mode. Its voice sensitivity makes it the classic party accessory, you can just set up your music and watch it respond to the sound.

5. Creative Motion Plasma Ball (7 inches)

Creative Motion Plasma ball is is an easy-to-carry, nebbish, and prominent plasma ball. With the measurement of 7 inches in diameter and a base of 4.5 inches, it is very easy to choose this beauty for your home or office.

Creative motion plasma ball comes with a plastic base, but it is firm and endures the big glass ball in place flawlessly. There are three modes of operation in this plasma ball, off, always-on, or react to the sound.

You can just sit back, and relish the blue lines and arcs radiating from the middle as you play your favorite song.

The Creative Motion Plasma Ball emits a cool pinkish light which can also turn orange. Its a classic light and touch sound show in the comfort of your home which creates a very positive vibe and adds to the beauty of your home as well. Moreover, if you are a fan of fairy lights, fiber optic lamps, or decorative lights, buying such as this best plasma ball will be a good choice for you.

Can You Imagine Plasma Ball 360 Large

As suggested by the name, it is a pretty large plasma ball that gives an incredible lights show in the comfort of your home. It has an 8 inches diameter, and unlike other plasma balls, the globe is hand blown. You just have to put your finger on any part of the globe, and via the conduction of electricity through you, you will encounter magnificent lightning bolts at your fingertips. You can create your own lightning show by drawing around the globe.

Another fun aspect of this plasma lamp is that it makes a crackling sound when you put your finger on it, creating a distinct feel to the experience. Also, due to its lightweight, you can carry it around easily from one room to another. However, try to use this best plasma ball in a darkened room because it won’t be as much fun in a bright room. Give it to someone on Easter or their birthday, and they will love it.

PowerTRC Plasma Ball Lightning Sphere Party, USB operated

This is a very versatile yet mini plasma ball as it gives you more options as compared to the other ones. It has a 4 inches diameter which is very portable and due to its small size, it can also be set in your car, as a night light, or on your work desk. One of the best features which make it stand out among the other plasma balls is that the lightning seems equally great in the daytime or in a well-lit room.

You don’t have to put the plasma ball in a dim room for it to work properly, it can be placed anywhere and create a lightning show for you. You can either use usb or battery (AAA) that is given along with the plasma ball to power it. However, the USB cord is small and you would have to fix its location according to that. Moreover, according to many customer reviews, this cool and best plasma ball does not lose its power even after weeks of usage so just sit back and touch any portion of the globe to see the beautiful lightning bolts perform for you.

HDE Plasma Ball Lamp Light, Nebula Ball, Novelty Toy

As suggested by the name, it is not just a toy for the kids. This plasma globe can help you enhance your children’s knowledge about science and satisfy your inner child as well. It is a mini plasma globe, measuring only 3.18 inches in diameter and 5.25 inches in height.

There is a USB cable included in the package, and can be used on a usb port, but you can also power it with 4 AAA batteries. The setup is pretty simple, and you can get on the entertaining part instantly. It is lightweight and can be carried around easily. You can use this as a fun party accessory for your Christmas events or just lie back and enjoy the lightning symphony relief of your day’s stress away.

CozyCabin Plasma, Plug-In Touch Sensitive

It is the most rightly proportionate plasma ball. With 3 inches in diameter, it can fit anywhere you want, may it be your drawing-room or the office cabin. It has a plastic base and the lampshade is made from white glass. You can use this plasma globe as a decoration for your next party to prep up the pictures and videos. It creates a perfect atmosphere for any festive season and if you add up a little extra effort, this little accessory can make your holiday decorations look much more professional and outstanding.

There is a USB cable included in the package that can be connected to the computer or you can turn it on using 4 AAA batteries. It is an innovative and interactive gift for everyone.

Voilio Plasma Globe

Voilio mini plasma Lamp is very suitable for educational purposes, it can be used to interact with the children and teach them about the physical sciences. The diameter is 4.3 inches and the height is 6 inches. It can be powered by batteries or a USB port. The lightning bolts work brilliantly in the dim lights, but it will not be as engaging in bright places. You can give this plasma ball to someone special as a gift for Christmas or housewarming, it will add a special feature to the furnishing of any room.


What is a plasma ball?

You might be wondering what a plasma ball is. It is a glass sphere that is packed with a fusion of noble gases. Plasma is basically the fourth state of matter that is composed of ions instead of molecules and on other hand make up solid , liquid and gas.

There is a high-voltage electrode in the middle of the plasma ball, it creates colorful lightning bolts when it gets in touch with electricity. Basically, when you touch it, the electrons pass through you and produce a big sparkle, forming beautiful colors and patterns.

Are plasma balls safe?

Most people think that plasma balls are not safe although this is a mere misconception. Due to its appearance and aura, people get cowed. Generally, plasma balls are safe and would not harm you if you use them correctly. Every plasma lamp comes with an instruction manual and you should make sure to read it thoroughly before using it. There are directions and usage information provided in the instruction manual that you must follow.

You should ensure buying a quality plasma ball by a reputable supplier which is manufactured by the good quality of material because sometimes bad materials employed in the production can create a problem for the user.

There is a common assumption that if you leave a plasma sphere turned on for a long time, it will catch fire, but this is a myth. On the contrary, plasma balls are an incredible choice for night lights. You can keep it on for as long as you want. Although the plasma lamp gets a little heated, nonetheless it will not burn you. As a precaution, you should avoid touching it constantly for an extended period of time.

As far as getting electrocuted by a plasma ball is concerned, it is highly advised to keep the metals away from it because that might give you an electric shock. The plasma ball operate at very high-frequency so little things like rings or lockets can also be a possible conductor of the electricity which can give you a serious electric shock. It is highly recommended to keep this in mind while using the plasma balls to avoid any unfortunate experience.

What happens if you open a plasma ball?

A plasma ball is also called a plasma goblet, lamp, or globe. It is a transparent glass sphere that is filled with a mixture of noble gases and a high-voltage electrode. The common gases among these noble gases are neon, argon, and krypton. The beautiful lightning bolts that we see in the plasma ball are created when the plasma filaments spread from the electrode to the glass upon the supply of electricity. The electrode is in the middle of the plasma ball which is named before its inventor, Nikola Tesla. It is called a tesla coil. If you open the plasma ball, the gases filled in it will disperse and get replaced by ambient air. The noble gases are the source of creating lightning bolts in the plasma balls.

Is there plasma in a plasma ball?

No, there is no plasma in plasma balls. Plasma is basically ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons that result in an overall null electric charge. As described above, a plasma ball technically comprises plasma filaments that create the colorful tendrils of light.

What is the best plasma ball?

It is very essential to get the right plasma ball, according to your needs. Either you want to gift it to someone or just want to enhance your home, make sure that you research accurately and get the best plasma ball. We have listed some of the best plasma balls you can buy right now such as Lebben, Katzco, Theefun Electric ball, Riorand, Kicko and Yunni to name a few.