12 Best Reusable Pads 2021 {Menstrual Cloth Pads}

Looking for Healthy Alternatives to Regular Disposable Sanitary Pads? Try these Hygienic and Reusable Pads made from either Cotton, Bamboo Charcoal or Organic material. Wegreeco and Teamoy Bamboo reusable menstrual cloth pads are top rated choice among women. Interested in having a look at organic menstrual cup? You can buy one of these with free and fast shipping today.

Most of them are quite perfect for the heavy flow of blood, especially in the first few days. However, read this guide entirely before concluding the organic menstrual pad brand for yourself to buy in 2021. The good thing is you get free shipping on most of them if you buy on Amazon.

Depends vs Always?

Teamoy Classic Reusable Menstrual Pads

Teamoy is one such product that will help you both and the environment in different ways.

  • It comes in various sizes to satisfy the user and consists of four layers.
  • The charcoal bamboo layer gives comfort and neutralizes odor.
  • Teamoy also comes with a wet bag for a proper disposal of used pad.
  • The microfiber layers absorb more flow and is super absorbent.
  • The last, water-resistant layer does not allow leaks.
  • The beautiful designs and high and high absorbency would make you fall in love with the product.

Reusing things has now become very popular to keep our environment clean and safe. As such, reusable pads are introduced to replace disposal sanitary napkins. When women use disposable pad , it creates waste disposal problems. It can harm the environment on a big scale. So Teamoy Reusable menstrual pads are now in the market to address such problems. You can also make use of a wet bag to dispose off your used pad. They have highly secured components that one can use very quickly. You can pin it to your underwear using the clips that are available in the pad itself.

Reusable menstrual pads are very comfortable and soft since their layer contains bamboo charcoal. It makes the user feel extra dry and clean. They can be machine washed since it will not get damaged. There are several beautiful colors available. We highly recommend buying these in 2021 as your regular period essentials.

Wegreeco Bamboo Reusable Menstrual Pads

Wegreeco is a renowned Reusable Pad Brand and their Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads are nature-friendly and have more benefits.

  • Menstrual cloth pads are not only safe to use, but also will help you in saving money.
  • The material used to make it is bamboo charcoal. So, the user can wash it and use it again and again without any hardship.
  • Moreover, they are breathable and provide comfort, which disposable ones will never offer.
  • Wegreeco Bamboo pads, which are the best menstrual cloth pads, does not contain chemicals and comes with free shipping.
  • These are one of the top rated reusable pads you can buy right now.

Reusable pads have always been a basic need for women. Most women grow up using feminine hygienic products.

Sanitary pads are something needed for all women every month. It will cost quite an amount of money each month. Reusable pads are used by many women under the ‘go green’ aspect too.

Moreover, not all of them will be hygienic and safe to use. So you need to ensure a wise decision before choosing yours.

When compared with expenditure that a woman spends on buying disposable pad , buying the cloth menstrual pad is cheaper. The bamboo charcoal layer in the pad has high absorbency and provides comfort for the user.

Moreover, it helps in neutralizing funny smells and prevents stains. The material used will let you wash it more conveniently.

Simfamily Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Pads

Nowadays, people are trying to use products that are hygienic as well as Eco-friendly. In the case of menses, women use the usual pad that is available at the store.

However, with time as everything changes, the production of hygienic pads also has gone to the next level. Reusable pads are now introduced to the market to help women in many different ways.

Moreover, it is an attempt to save the planet by reducing the trash that takes years to decay. You can find many types of best reusable pads for your usage — Simfamily

The middle layer of Sim family is made with microfiber, while the upper layer with bamboo charcoal.

The materials used to produce these reusable cloth pads give extra comfort and satisfaction to the user. It will not cause irritation as regular disposable do. Moreover, the material used to produce this pad enables washing very easily and quickly. The middle layer of Simfamily pads is made with microfiber, while the upper layer with bamboo charcoal.

The materials used to produce them give extra comfort and satisfaction to the user. It will not cause irritation as regular disposable do. Moreover, the material used to produce this pad enables washing very easily and quickly and they are highly absorbent and you get free shipping.

Heart Felt Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Heart Felt is another Organic Reusable Menstrual cloth Pad brand which can be your best choice if you are searching for the Best Reusable Pads.

Every month women need their pads to be perfect in every aspect so that they don’t have to be more uncomfortable.

To stay comfortable, confident, you must choose a good reusable pad. When you can use it again and again, you will not need to spend money on buying disposable each month.

They also distribute the Menstrual cup with the name of the Cerene Menstrual Cup.

The exterior layer of Heart Felt consists of polyester, the middle layer of microfiber, and the inner layer of bamboo. They are super absorbent too. The charcoal absorbency layer neutralizes the odor that can arise from menstrual blood. It has a leak-proof materials, so that a woman who uses it, can engage in day to day activities without discomfort.

Hibaby Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Menstrual Pads

Reusable menstrual pads are the best way to keep you safe from infection and to help the planet to survive from pollution.

The best ones do not just help in reducing trash, but also in keeping women comfortable during menstruation.They come in 4 sizes.

The sizes chosen may differ from person to person. Hibaby reusable pads consist of three layers and they come with free shipping.

The layers, in order are charcoal bamboo, two microfiber layers, and the last layer is a waterproof PUL backing. Each of the layers performs different tasks.The previous layer prevents leakages. Moreover, they offer extreme comfort and satisfaction to the user and are highly absorbent.

Rael Organic Reusable Pads

Reusable cotton pads are a great product to help to save the environment. With everything we throw, most of it does not decompose quickly.

Disposal sanitary napkins are one big problem in the environment.

Hesta Organic Cotton pads are super absorbent and are safe for the environment.

When you are using it, you will not have to worry about your body and the environment, as well.

The organic cotton production of Hesta gives attention to the ecosystem and you. You will find Hesta Reusable soft cloth pads as one of the best because they consist of organic cotton. They will not cause any harm to you, as some disposable sanitary napkins would do. The natural materials used in production have more benefits and do not have toxic chemicals.

The microfiber layers absorb more flow. The last, water-resistant layer does not allow leaks. The beautiful designs and the wet bag that comes along with it will make you fall in love with the product and its free shipping.

Langsprit washable Bamboo Reusable Pads

Usually, girls feel discomfort when they menstruate. Especially if they don’t have proper arrangement for their menses. Washable cloth pads are very comfortable to use. Usually, they can be changed 2-6 hours as you need.

These are leakproof, waterproof, ​​​​and also have smell controllers. These pad cloths are available in many colors and beautiful prints.These consist of a leakproof polyurethane laminate layer. So this pad is very comfortable and a good protector.You can have a healthy and safe period. Small, medium, and large are the available sizes of the pad with free shipping.

Period Starter Kit Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

The period kit is very comfortable and hygienic to wear since it has a unique design. These period starter kit can be considered as the best reusable organic pads, since it is washable.

You can also give menstrual cups a try if you think these period kits are not feasible for you. The design allows the product to be easily cleaned and dried, so that one can use it again. They also comes equipped with a wet bag so you can properly dispose off your used pad. 

Period starter kit consists of natural bamboo charcoal fiber. The material used in the pad will fight against microorganisms that exist within the pad.These consist of two layers of bamboo fiber and a waterproof layer.

It makes the consumer feel clean and dry. One can wash the product very smoothly, and does not need to follow any complex procedures while washing, since it does not get damaged and are super Absorbent.

Light Charcoal Bamboo Mama Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

Charcoal bamboo mama cloth is another reusable menstrual cloth pad. The specialty in it compared to other disposable pad is, one can use this again, so there is no problem of disposal.

These menstrual pads consist of three layers including bamboo charcoal, microfiber, and polyurethane laminate layer that would suit any skin.

You can also make use of a wet bag to dispose of your used pad. They have highly secured components that one can use very quickly.

You can pin it to your underwear using the clips that are available in the pad itself.

Reusable menstrual pads are very comfortable and soft since their layer contains bamboo charcoal. It makes the user feel extra dry and clean. They can be machine washed since it will not get damaged. There are also several beautiful colors available

Imse Vimse Organic Reusable Cotton Pads

Imse Vimse are eco-friendly and reusable cotton pads. They can be used again by washing them. No odor – even if used for a more extended time.

One can use Imse Vimse organic pads or menstrual cup as an alternative to the pads that people use traditionally.

The consumers do not feel any discomfort or irritation since them as they are very soft and hygienic. 

Imse Vimse are leak-proof so that they can be used in day time for a longer time, and also in the night. They consists of organic cotton flannel material and polyurethane laminated polyester.

It absorbs relatively a higher amount, so this can last for more time.They are certified by the OEKO-TEX standard that ensures this pad does not contain any sort of chemicals in it.

Pixie Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

All girls love to feel very comfortable during periods. These reusable cloth pads support them by providing comfort and ease.

If you wear them during your periods, you will feel comfortable all the time. It can be reused again by a machine wash.

They do not give any sought of odor if one uses it for a longer time. The product has a very significant feature – they consist of 100% fiber cotton.

The product ensures that the users will not feel embarrassed while wearing it.

These are very hygienic and can stay in place without getting folded or rolled up. This promotes you to lead a good and healthy life without any issue. Reusable menstrual pads are well suited to sensitive skin.

These starter yet extremely soft reusable cloth pads are well designed and available in a lot of colors. They come in beautiful wet bags, which helps with portability. It is very convenient and easy to use.

Overnight Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

Charcoal menstrual pads are considered as the best cloth pads, since it is easy to wash and dry. These consist of bamboo charcoal and microfiber. The microfiber used in the pad will help to maintain the dryness. The charcoal bamboo material will help to keep your skin healthier, and it will not let any microorganisms to exist.

The product has outer layers that have PUL design. There are wings and snaps clips that one can pin on the underwear. Very comfortable for the users and ensure product satisfaction. These pads are cost-effective and environmentally friendly products.

These help the consumers to relax during overflow, since it can absorb a higher amount. These bamboo pads will last for a longer period. One can reuse it for 2 years and they are super absorbent in nature. These can be the best alternative solution for starters who use other type of disposable pad.

Why Purchase Reusable Pads in 2021?

For someone who is new to reusable menstrual pads, it can be quite overwhelming. You might fear the change. But it is okay, and you don’t have to take a quick turn. Instead, create the change slowly but steadily. Try to opt for cloth Pads or Menstrual cups little by little. Sometimes, you might have to use disposable pads, because that’s what you are used to.

It was the only mainstream option, but now you have options and you have the information you need to make an informed choice. Of course, they might cost a little bit more than disposable period supplies. But they are just upfront cost – you are going to use it over and over, so why not spend a little more and purchase it?

You don’t have to worry about running out of pads, because you can reuse them easily. If you add up the amount that you are going to save, you will be proud of yourself and you’re helping the environment too!

That’s not all, you will feel more comfortable than disposable pads as they are made with natural materials that let your vagina breathe. If you don’t trust us, try it once, and you will see for yourself. But before deciding, read our product list below to find the best one. Along with saving quite a lot of money, you will also find a guilt-free solution.

You will be happy that you have contributed to reducing waste and going green.If you Google the rate of surgeries and problems caused by disposable pads, you will not even think of using them again. They are neither healthy nor the right solution.

In the past, women did not have the facility to use sanitary napkins. So they used cloth pads during their menstruation. Later, we were introduced to disposable hygienic napkins, and everyone started using it.

Reusable cloth pads were produced to decrease the difficulties women face during menstruation. On top of all, these and menstrual cups play a role in saving the planet, as well.

Above all, manufacturers of disposable pads don’t usually mention all the chemicals used in their products. Isn’t that scary? Of course, it is! You will be using pads without knowing what it contains. Some vigilant customers have found out that most of them contain plastic chemicals.

Therefore, women end up using sanitary products that can be detrimental to their health. And thanks to the producers and the Internet, things are changing for the better. You can easily find reusable products nowadays. Also, the products will be of high quality and provide an excellent level of comfort. Anyway, before purchasing the menstrual cloth pad, you must consider the following factors.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Although there are a lot of factors to be considered when selecting the Pads, we’ll explain a few essential elements to keep in mind especially when you buying the reusable ones in 2021.

Regular period supplies wouldn’t be a problem if they were chemical-free, pollution-free, and healthy. But sadly, sanitary pads aren’t any of the above. Women nowadays want healthy options, but they can be hesitant, assuming that it is going to be a tough transition. Disposable period products are flushed down the toilet every day.

Regular disposable pads and other period products don’t decay quickly; in fact, they take hundreds of years to decompose – if at all. Besides, have you ever thought about how people back in the day, before commercial pads were invented, managed their periods?

Did they have regular pads? Not at all. 

They weren’t as fortunate as you. However, they used different material instead of using regular ones. Hence, back then, women did not have as many vaginal issues such as toxic shock syndrome, vaginitis and bacteria vaginosis.

The most common reason for many of these infections can a lot of the times be related to chemicals and tampons. Let alone all the other environmental factors, think about your well-being. By wearing regular pads, you are risking your health. Instead, don’t you think it is wise to opt for Reusable Pads or Menstrual cups as there are a lot of quality pad brands available?

Sometimes, you might wonder about the difficulty in maintaining a reusable pad; well you don’t have to worry about it because if you select the ideal product, maintenance won’t be a big deal.

1. Absorbency

Some women have substantial flow during their cycle, so they must find products that have excellent reliability. The pad should last for a long time. You should be able to wear the pad outside with confidence.

2. Aesthetic

Even though pads are not something that you wear like ‘Superman’s costume,’ it is essential to consider the way it looks. They should be comfortable enough visually so that you are comfortable when you wear them. Moreover, you must be cautious about the color that you pick. It shouldn’t be too light, otherwise it will show the stain clearly.

3. Materials

You should look for the material. It is essential to check whether the material is of good quality, and if it is organic, natural, or synthetic.You should also consider the number of layers in the pad that you purchase. If the pad has snaps or closures, make sure they are of high quality to last for some years.

4. Price

Make sure the price isn’t too high, or it should be something worth paying. Even if the price is high, you should feel happy about spending it. For that to happen, you must consider the features available in the product.

5. Comfort

You must check the level of comfort. That is one of the prominent factors you must consider, because disposable pads aren’t comfortable.

​Reusable Menstrual Pads – FAQS

Most women think of being relaxed during periods. And also, to create a sustainable environment, they should move forward to use the these cloth menstrual Pads. Mentioned below are the frequently asked questions you might have.

1. What is the difference between reusable pads and disposable pads?

There are several differences between reusable cloth pads and disposable pads, such as: The main difference can be you can reuse the reusable pad again and again. But disposable pads should be handled accordingly after using them once. You can find snap and wings in a reusable pad where it makes the pad to stay in placer. When it comes to the disposable pads, it does not contain any such facility.

Reusable cloth pads are very convenient compared to disposable ones, since cloth pads will not make any sought of odor even if one uses it for more extended hours. But this will not work in disposable pad. Cloth menstrual pads are unique, since one can purchase it in any color and prints that are preferred by the consumer, but you will not be able to get this opportunity in the ordinary plastic pads.

Reusable pads are more hygienic when compared to disposable pads. Reusable pads can save your money, since you need not purchase them every month like disposable pad. Cloth pads will be very soft since they consist of cloth and cotton. It will give the user a very comfortable feeling, but you cannot feel this in plastic pads.

2. For how long can a reusable pad be used?

Typically, the usage of reusable menstrual pad depends on the pad brand and quality. Most of the cloth pads can be used for five years, if they are correctly maintained. But it can be used more than that, if it is well taken care of. One can use these products for five years, when you have ten pads in your daily rotation.

3. Do Cloth Menstrual Pads leak?

Most of the pad companies produce pads that have a high absorption tendency. But most of the plastic pads do not contain this capability. But the reusable ones have this ability since it is designed using cotton and fibers. Usually, reusable pads contain clips and snaps in them, so this will make the pad stay in one place and will not make it overflow.

Usually, you can change reusable pads every 7-9 hours for hygiene purposes, but for 19 hours, the pad can last without overflowing or leaking. Women who over bleed during periods can use these pads, since this does not cause any leakage.

4. Are cloth pads comfortable to be used?

Cloth pads can be beneficial for the wearers. These are very much comfortable in usage. Also, these pads can be a great cost driver. These pads consist of cloth, so it will make the user feel super soft, without any sought of irritation to the skin.

If you are skeptical about menstrual cloth pads you can give menstrual cup a try too.

Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads – Verdict

As we have described everything a buyer needs, you will not have a hard time deciding how to find the Best Reusable Pads. However, most women assume purchasing pads to be a go-pick decision, which doesn’t need much time. Well, it would have been true if you were planning to buy disposable pads.

You can easily find the best pad brand in the market. But that’s when you don’t think of quality, health issues, or environmental pollution. Now, you know the importance of protecting the environment, while protecting your health, so you must make sure to be considerate of the factors we have mentioned above. Happy responsible shopping!