Best Solar Driveway Lights

Are you hunting for an environment-friendly yet cost effective way to adorn your driveways? Here comes the era of Smart Solar Driveway lights.

Lately, the world has witnessed a massive shift towards solar and wind based electricity generation to fulfill their daily requirements without compromising the environment. 

The UN Paris agreement on climate change has urged the nations towards mitigation of climate change and adopting renewable which seems to be the perfect approach.

It is not only environmentally sound but also economical especially at household level. One search perfect example of solar powered appliances includes the solar driveway light.  

Such beautifully designed lights not only brighten up the surrounding path but are also an amazing decorative item.

Available at a reasonable price around the market, these devices come in a variety of forms, designs and features. Some of the notable solar driveway lights in 2020 include;

JACKYLED B00M4ZTS84 driveway lights

Constructed with polycarbonate and aluminium, JACKY LED B00M4ZTS84 driveway lights are highly durable and weather-resistant. Owing to their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as rain and fog, these solar lights can last up to 3-4 years without reduction in performance. Easy installation and maintenance of these devices make them an ideal choice for most of the users.

Moreover, waterproof and rust proof properties of driveway lights are the reason of their installation for outdoor purposes, making them perfect for lighting and decorating the pathways, gardens and lawns. Aluminium based construction of these lights enables them to withstand very high pressure such as 20 tons complimenting their durable nature.

In addition to this, automatic charging ability and a charging time of 6 to 8 hours coupled with 72 hours of power retaining capacity serves as the selling feature of Jacky LED lights. With the potential of illuminating a 40-foot dock with a single pack, these lights contain six LEDs with the power of 0.3 W each.

Along with exceptionally dazzling and temperature resilient nature, they are available with two years return policy from the makers. The only downside of LED B00M4ZTS84 light is their poor potential to withstand moisture over longer periods of time. Exposure to moisture might lead to functioning issues.


  • Durable and compact
  • Weather resilient
  • Highly illuminating
  • High power retaining capacity


  • Exposure to moisture might lead to damage in long-term
  • Maintenance is required.

 APONUO Solar Driveway Lights

High weather tolerance, durable nature and significantly bright light are the most prominent characteristics of APONUO Solar Driveway Lights. Erected with a classical design and heavy metal material each light contains a 600mAh capacity built in battery that can be automatically charged within a few hours.  The battery is also efficient in terms of power holding ability and can last from 8 to 12 hours dispensing on the brightness.

Aluminium metal incorporated into the structure provides durability to the wireless solar lights that are easy to install and maintain. Moreover, the manufacturer also provides a 2-year warranty and IP68 certification. The lights also have the capability to provide visibility ranging up to 875 yards with the power of 400-500 lumens. Along with this, the resilience to rain and snow mounts the lifetime of these LED lights making them perfect for trees, driveways and shrubs adoration.

Another significant attribute of APONUO solar lights involves their reasonable price, due to which they are mostly preferred over their expensive counterparts. Producers do not recommend the customers to replace the battery themselves. Therefore, this might be a concern for some users.


  • Intense Light
  • Easy Installation
  • Weather Tolerance
  • Reasonable Price


  • Battery Replacement is an issue

 Happybuy Solar Driveway Lights

Similar to previously mentioned lights, solar step deck lights also constitute aluminium cast composition; responsible for their durable and solid nature. Embedded with the modern design, 6 LEDs and 2 Hz lumens frequency, they provide sparkling light and have the capacity to light up to 800 yards.

Furthermore, step deck lights are weather resistant and certified by IP68 having the power to tolerate dust and water due to aluminium construction. A significant feature of these lights is their ability to withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 80 degree Celsius along with 20 tons of pressure leading to their high market demand.

With the integration of anti UV technology, these lights have the potential to work completely fine for 3-5 years. This feature coupled with rechargeable nature of the batteries that can last up to 72 hours makes their installation an easy task especially on driveways and sidewalks.

Despite these remarkable characteristics solar step deck lights are difficult to maintain and might get damaged over prolonged exposure to wet surfaces. Some users also report battery damage during transportation


  • Integration of anti UV Technology
  • Weather resistance and durability
  • Brilliant illumination with 2 Hz lumen frequency
  • Modern design
  • 72 hours battery time
  • 6-8 hours charging time


  • Prolonged exposure to moisture might affect brightness.
  • Difficult to maintain.
  • Damage during transportation

 Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Lights

Siedinlar solar driveway lights are wireless, easy to install and completely environment friendly lights having automatic charging abilities. Owing to their compact aluminium alloy design these solar lights are perfect for embellishment of gardens, pathways, lawns and provide a perfect visual appeal along with a modern construction design

Each light in the pack is sealed properly to avoid all types of damage and provides tolerance against rain, snow and moisture and comes with a life-time guarantee. These lights are a perfect alternative to costly conventional driveway lights and save electricity to a large extent and are suitable for places which receive high sunlight.

Embedded with a 500mAh replaceable battery, Siedinlar LED lights can retain power for 12 to 15 hours after charging for only 6 to 8 hours during the day. Moreover, IP68 certification and ability to tolerate 20 tons of weight and a solid 1-year warrant are other remarkable attributes of these solar lights. The negative aspect of Siedinlar Solar LED lights is the effect of weather on the charging of the product especially during rainy days. 


  • Automatic Charging
  • Easy Installation
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Aluminium alloy Construction
  • Replaceable battery
  • Last for 12-15 hours


  • Charging time and illuminance might be affected because of weather conditions
  • Rainy days might pose problems.

 Westinghouse Solar Flat In-Ground Driveway Lights

Installed with up to date technology Westinghouse solar lights offer dazzling illumination that seems pleasing to the eyes. Incorporated with a 250 mAh Lithium ion battery these lights have the capacity to light the entire pathway and contain 3 LED lights each. In addition, these lights are more efficient than their counterparts and are available at a very reasonable price. They have the potential to work for longer periods without compromising their performance and efficiency. 

Moreover, such solar lights also have higher durability and compactness than that of other related products because of their stainless steel construction. Weather resistance and ability to withstand dirt and water is another significant feature of Westinghouse solar lights. Despite these above mentioned facts it is still undeniable that these solar lights also lack in some aspects notably no specific warranty and low customer reviews.


  • High Brightness
  • 3 LED lights each
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Durability and Compactness
  • Weather resistance


  • Low customer reviews
  • Maintenance is required
  • No warranty

 CLY Solar Deck Driveway Lights

CLY solar driveway lights are a perfect item for decorating your outdoors especially during festivals. Harmless to the environment and easy to install, these solar lights come with the IP67 certification and are available at the price tag of $50 making them one of the highest selling outdoor solar lights. In addition to this, these solar lights are beautifully designed keeping the modern infrastructure in mind and offer a vintage look with the unique aesthetic construction.  

Made up of ABS plastic CLY outdoor solar lights offer great durability and weather tolerance coupled with resistance to corrosion and waterproof properties enabling these lights to work perfectly in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Preferred mostly because of their easy to install and wireless nature these lights work in the presence of solar light having the ability to absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity that can be utilised at night time. They provide blazing light to their surroundings lighting up the whole area and are available in a pack of 20 LED solar lights.

Possessing the ability to withstand up to 20 tons of pressure these lights contain a 1200 mAh built-in battery that has the potential to work for 20 hours. With the charging time of 6 to 8 hours such solar driveway lights can stay lit for the whole night.

Although they don’t have any other physical or construction defects, their performance might be limited because of weather conditions affecting the charging capacity of solar lights especially in areas with lots of rain and limited sunlight.


  • Weather Tolerance
  • Perfect for Decoration
  • Durability
  • High illumination
  • Reasonable price


  • Performance might be limited due to climatic factors.

 StarGinz Solar Driveway Lights

StarGinz Solar Driveway lights are another environment friendly, cost effective product available throughout the market and are also economically affordable. Coming with a reasonable price of $25.99 these solar lights are preferred by most of the users. Most prominent features associated with this product include easy installation along with very little maintenance that saves the buyers from the hectic job of looking after the apparatus.

Embedded with a beautiful clear lens having the ability to emit white and yellow light, such driveway lights provide brilliant illuminance and can be used for various embellishment purposes. Available with 4, 5 and 8 LED lights in one pack they are suitable for decorating your lawns, garden, driveways and other related places. Automatic functioning of this appliance ensures that no manual work is needed to switch it on/off during dawn and dusk. 

Similar to other solar lights, StarGinz driveway lights also have the potential to work in extreme climatic conditions and offer remarkable performance.  Their weather resistant nature protects them against rain, fog and extreme temperature. Incorporation of 1800mAh Ni battery, these lights can charge easily within 6-8 hours when placed directly under the sun.

Furthermore, ABS plastic and stainless steel erection of these lights increases their durability and lifetime making them an ideal choice for consumers.  The only concern associated with these lights to some users is their short power retaining ability which might affect their lighting ability. 


  • Reasonable Price
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Dazzling light
  • Durability and Compactness


  • Low battery time might affect illuminance.

 Solmore Solar Driveway Lights

Solmore Solar Driveway lights are one of renowned solar powered lights that provide blazing light along with maximum visibility to their surrounding areas and contain 16 high quality LED lights. Available at a very viable price of $35.98 these lights are second to none with regard to their quality and performance and thus, are used in a huge amount for ornamental purposes such as embellishing the gardens, sidewalks and driveways.

Constructed with aluminium metal these solar lights provide great amount of durability compactness and weather tolerance properties. Aluminium framework protects the lights against heavy pressure i.e. 9 tons and weather conditions like rain, snow and fog. Therefore, sustaining and prolonging their lifetime performance. Moreover, these solar based lights are designed especially keeping the road safety in mind.

Other notable characteristics include Solmore light’s ability to automatically turn on during the dawn providing illuminance to the nearby areas throughout the night before automatically turning off at the dusk. Providing 12 hours of bright light after charging for a few hours, these lights possess longer battery life.  Easy installation coupled with versatility in the design and colour of these alluring lights are another reason for their increased sale. 

There are not any major concerns regarding the performance and quality of Solmore solar lights except their maintenance. Difficult to preserve nature of these lights might concern some users and affect their trade.


  • Easy Installation
  • Viable Price
  • 12 hours’ battery time
  • Durable and Compact
  • Weather resilient


  • Difficult to maintain.

Tom Care Solar Lights

One of the most stylish and decorative solar lights, Tom Care Solar lights are designed on the dancing flame concept that seems alluring to most of the people. Mostly famous for their attractive design and brilliant illuminance these solar lights are lighter on the pocket and heavier in terms of performance leading to a perfect combination for the majority.

Great versatility, easy installation and supreme efficiency are some of the remarkable attributes of these solar lights. Having the potential to extend up to 43 inches, these solar lights can be mounted at different heights depending upon the need to achieve maximum performance results. 

In addition to this, Tom Care Solar lights take up to 8 hours to charge completely and thus, are suitable for the places that receive limited amounts of sunlight. Moreover, after a single charge these solar lights can stay lit for as long as 12 hours making them perfect for night time especially in areas where the sun rises a bit late. 

Construction material provides great stability and weather-resistance to such appliances making them suitable for the areas receiving heavy quantities of rain and snow.  These solar lights are also waterproof in nature and thus, can stay for longer periods of time. Despite these wonderful features some users show concern regarding the quality and performance of these solar based lights affecting their sale to some extent.


  • Waterproof and weather resistance
  • Increase battery time
  • Low charging time required
  • Easy Installation
  • Versatile and Stylish


  • Performance and Quality Concerns

Solar Driveway Lights – VERDICT

Famous for their easily installable nature and maintenance properties solar powered driveway lights are favoured over their non-renewable counterparts. Solar photovoltaics and concentrated technologies are not only durable but also easy to utilize as they convert solar energy to electricity with the help of solar panels followed by conversion of that energy into electricity stored by the battery that can be utilized at night.

In addition to this, waterproof and weather resilient nature of solar technology makes it suitable to be employed in areas with extreme climatic conditions such as heavy rainfall, moisture and snowfall Furthermore, long lasting power retaining capacity of the battery is another prominent feature employed in most solar based appliances making them efficient for the places that receive limited amounts of sunlight over longer periods of time.

Thus, these were some of the cost effective and environmental friendly, energy saving solar powered driveway lights available throughout the market in 2020. Renowned for their quality material and highest performance efficiency these solar powered lights offer a gateway towards a carbon free, clean future.