Best Solar Powered LED Path Lights

7 Best Solar Path Lights

Do you want to make your surroundings and pathways environment friendly?

Do you want to save energy and the cost of your electricity? One significant way to do so is to shift towards renewable energy production.

This source has specifically emerged as being environmentally sound, cost-effective and easily installable. In recent years, the world has witnessed a shift towards emission-free renewable means of electricity production.

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Solar path light is a notable example of such a technology that rely on the use of sunlight for electricity generation.

Best Solar Powered LED Path Lights

The most common solar path lights consist of a pole,  mounted with a solar panel and a battery on the top. The solar panel receives adequate amounts of sunlight during the day and generates power.

The generated power is stored in the battery in the form of electricity which is utilized at night. Brighter the path light more the power is required to generate it. Thus, mild hue and dim light path lights are preferred over brighter ones.

Below mentioned are some of the best solar pathway lights available in the market in terms of design and function.

 Hampton Bay Solar LED Landscape Path Light

Manufactured by Hampton Bay these solar pathway lights are second to none in terms of quality and design. The plastic and glass-based composition is one of the specialties of Hampton Bay Solar Lights. The classic 19-century design classifies them as compatible for adorning purposes. These LED lights are easy to install and compact in nature; thus are resilient to damage especially that incurred by the weather.

The noteworthy battery life and can work up to 8 hours making them perfect for long-term use as they can stay light throughout the night. Moreover, these LED lights require less time for a charge which is a maximum of 8 hours, making them a flawless choice to be used in areas with low amounts of sunlight. They have a lifetime of up to 3 years which exceeds its counterparts, thus they are mostly preferred in this regard.

The price point is a weak factor in case of these LED lights. As they are expensive and not easily affordable. Mostly this becomes an issue in the case when they are required to be installed in a large area. In addition to this, these solar lights do not shine very bright and are more towards the dim side. This might be an issue for those who want highly illuminated solar lights.


  • Weather Resistant
  • Sturdy and Compact
  • Less charge-time and more battery time.


  • Expensive 
  • Less illuminated

 Solpex 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Path Light

Manufactured from stainless steel and glass, Solpex solar pathway lights come in packs of 2. Durability and easy installation are also the prominent features of Solpex path light. Along with this, they are not very expensive and thus are easily affordable. Despite their simple design, they are mostly favoured over others because of cost-effective nature. The weather-resistant nature is the main selling point of these lights making them effective in areas with harsh weather conditions.

Reliable battery time of 8 hours will make these lights last entire night. Due to automatic functionality, these lights can turn on by themselves at dusk and turn off at dawn. Solpex path lights have reduced charge time i.e. 6 hours and therefore are super effective in places with limited sunlight. Moreover, the batteries can be replaced over time offering easy maintenance. 

Contrary to this these path lights are not very bright and thus might be required in large quantities to illuminate big spaces. Thus, one pack might not be sufficient for the users that require more bright surroundings. Furthermore, they do not have a long life and may expire if used consistently. Most people report this issue over long term use. The basic and simple design thus is another downside leaving it unfavourable for decorative purposes.


  • Weather Resistant
  • Automatic
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Replaceable battery


  • Not suitable for long term use
  • Very basic design
  • Not bright thus required in the large amount

Kshioe Solar Riki Path Light

Extravagant features and unique design are the outshining features of Kshioe Solar Riki Path Light. This torch reference design solar lights are the ultimate option for festivals and other such occasions. In addition to this, these solar lights are waterproof and are resistant to wind and rain making them an ideal option for most of the users.

This path light come in a pack of four with lumens measuring around 35 and 95 LED lights. Kshioe Solar Riki Light is more flashy comparative to the previously mentioned solar lights but is still not dazzling enough to be used in large areas in small quantities. This limits the use of gardens and small spaces only. These torch based solar lights have a recharging time of 8 hours which is similar to most solar-powered lights but provides less battery time.

The battery time of these lights is measured up to 5-6 hours which is a point of concern for most of the users along with its quality. They also have automatic functions and do not require the user to manually switch them on and off. Last but not the least, they come in large size and serve perfectly for the purpose of decoration.


  • Unique design
  • High illumination
  • Resistant to rain and wind
  • Automatic function
  • Low battery time
  • Quality concerns

Solar Glow LED Solar Path Lights

Owning to construction and design,  Solar Glow LED Solar Pathway lights are highly suitable for utilization in gardens and lawns. With their long-lasting model design and brightness, they serve relatively high illumination with 15 lumens. They have a battery time of 8 hours and thus can last for a long interval of time.

These solar glow LED lights are resistant to harsh climatic conditions and thus are suitable for colder areas as well. Another most appreciated aspect is waterproof and resilient nature. The best part about these LED lights is their life-time replacement guarantee. Despite these wonderful features, there are also many concerns associated with these solar lights that might be faced by most of the users.

These lights are crafted from ABS plastic material sufficiently bringing down the durability factor. Most concerns regarding their quality are associated with the construction material of these lights. Moreover, there are several electrical issues present with these lights which may lead to inconsistency in their performance. Another disadvantage also includes the damage-prone nature of the plastic lens utilized in the frame of these lights.


  • Weather Resilience
  • High illuminance
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Inconsistent Performance
  • Quality concerns
  • Vulnerability to Damage

Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Light

The exhilarating bronze frame of this Enchanted Spaces path Light will catch your eye first. They are outshined from others in terms of lightweight and highly durable nature. The distinguished and modern design makes them aesthetically pleasing and flawless for embellishing the spaces. They are mostly preferred for parties and other festive occasions.

These solar lights possess a radius of 4 square feet and provide sufficient brightness. Though they might not be ultra-bright but are the tremendous choice because of their stunning plastic lens which seems pleasing to users. On a brighter side, they also come with a replacement guarantee which serves as an additional point for their high demand.

Similar to previously mentioned solar lights, these lights also have a battery time of 8 hours and therefore, can work for the whole night without interruption. The most notable drawback of these path lights includes their vulnerability to damage which is mostly due to the plastic nature of the lens.


  • Lightweight and high durability
  • Unique design
  • Replacement guarantee 


  • Limited illuminance
  • Prone to damage

Beau Jardin Solar Path Light

With steel manufacturing, Beau Jardin Solar Lights stand tall amongst competitors owing to durability. This robust stainless steel framework also makes them resistant to weather and serves high resilience. They also have a very sturdy waterproof lens which prevents the lens from any external damage associated with rain or wind.

These solar lights come in a pack of 8  as compared to previously mentioned solar lights which come in a very limited amount in a single pack. The fair amount of luminescence is provided by 6 lumens integrated into each light. Unlike commonly used solar lights, this product generates white light which adds to the beauty of its structure.

Beau Jardin Solar Lights have a battery time of 12 hours making them superior over their counterparts in this aspect. These are ideal lights in terms of their battery time and provide uninterrupted power supply The only negative aspects associated with Beau Jardin Solar Lights is their expensive nature. However, that can be understood as they come in extensive quantity in a single pack.


  • 12 hours of battery time
  • Waterproof lens and weather resilient design
  • High quality and Durability
  • Come in large quantity


  • Expensive
  • Not very illuminating

Oak Leaf Stainless Steel Solar Path Light

As their name indicates, the lights are designed in the form of oak and are made up of stainless steel. As mentioned earlier stainless steel provides high durability as well as weather resistance to the product. Therefore, leading to a very good quality product which is highly favoured by the users. 

These oak shaped solar lights are 14 inches tall in size and are made keeping the modern infrastructure in mind. The super benefit of these lights is their quantity. These lights come in a pack of 12 which leaves even the Jardin Solar Lights behind in this aspect. They are also easy to install and thus can be placed anywhere without much effort.

Oak Leaf Stainless Steel Solar Lights provide sufficient illumination and can also be used in large areas given their large quantity which makes up for their limited brightness. They also have a charge time of 8 hours and thus can be utilized in areas which receive low amounts of sunlight. Another matter of concern to some users is their small size which may also be one of the factors of the limited amount of light they provide to surroundings.


  • Come in large quantity
  • Highly durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Less charging time required


  • Not very tall in size
  • Limited brightness

Solar Pathway Lights – Verdict

Thus, these are some of the commonly used solar pathway lights depending on their function, price and design. If you are looking for a solar light merely for decorative purpose and easily installable nature then you can go for highly illuminating solar lights. But if your goal is to save energy and want long-lasting path lights I would suggest to use sufficiently illuminated solar lights because they utilize low amounts of solar energy and power and thus can work for longer periods of time. 

In some cases, maintenance might be an issue in path lights especially if they are not weather resistant or are made up of material that is not durable and sturdy. Stainless steel is the best option if you are looking for a compact and resilient solar light. It is also advisable to look for a solar light that requires less charging time and can operate for longer intervals of time, more specifically has longer battery time to prevent any kind of interruption in electricity supply.

Last but not the least, price is another important factor. Most of the solar pathway lights might not provide better illuminance and might be only for decorative purposes. It is suggested that instead of paying for a mere decorative less bright solar light one should look for a more bright and compact solar light in a reasonable price range that can be utilized for longterm.