7 Best Zero Turn Mower for Hills

Zero-turn mowers are significant for keeping the large scraps of grass tidy. They are excellent for this task due to their speed, maneuverability, and power.

Using zero-turn mowers provide the large lawns a professional and beautiful look with lesser efforts. They are ideal to reach the tighter portions of the lawns and sports fields. Due to its precision, you can give your lawns, soccer pictures, or football fields a specific look.

These machines usually drive the rear wheels with lap bars and as you turn, there is no portion of uncut grass left.

What is a zero-turn mower?

A zero-turn mower allows the user to turn in a very small radius, it will specifically turn on a zero inches radius, that’s why they are usually known as zero turning radius mowers.

Traditional Riding Lawn mowers vs. Zero Turn mowers

The zero-turn mowers come with all the features of a traditional riding lawn mower. However, the difference between a traditional riding lawn mower and a zero-turn mower is the mode of action; there is no steering wheel, the operation is done by the two levers on both sides of the seat.

The easy-to-handle mode of action is controlled by pulling and pushing the lever. Pushing the lever makes the machine go forward and pulling the lever gets the machine to reverse.

Why do you need a Zero Turn mower?

  • These zero turn mowers are very easy to handle. Once the user understands the features of it, the mowing becomes much convenient and effective.
  • It is very helpful in handling large lawns in less time.
  • This lawn mower saves a lot of time. For those who mow on a daily basis, it can save half of their time.
  • For a professional landscaper, zero turn lawn mower is very beneficial. It will also be very handy for property managers who handle big estates and farms.
  • They are very effective on flat terrain and provide the best quality of cuts with fewer troubles.
  • Zero turn lawn mowers works best for lawns with curves.
  • They rarely miss the patches of grass at the corners of the grass and the end of the swath.
  • Zero turn lawn mower is fast, and can speed up to 7 mph.

Types of Zero Turn mowers

There are a lot of lawn mowers available in the market but only a handful of them can be considered as best Zero turn mower that can be used for hilly landscape.

So it is important to distinguish which type is perfect for your use. Every type comes with its own benefits and specifications; therefore, it is very important to select carefully.

Residential Zero Turn Lawn mowers

The name suggests the nature of this machine. It is manufactured for domestic use which is typically for the home gardens. If you have a lawn covers nearly two acres and needs mowing just once a week then this type is perfect for your use.

The pricing of the residential mover is comparatively lesser as well. The design of this type of mower is also slightly different from the others.

Commercial Zero Turn Lawn mowers

It is one of the most powerful and effective mowers that gives the best cut quality among the other mowers available in the market. They come with added features and provide a convenient grass-cutting experience.

They are used in many industries, from golf to football fields. Moreover, this type of mower is also helpful for the agricultural industry and people who have large estates. It is quick and performs the job with the delicacy.

This is recommended for the people who have larger areas to mow and if you are comfortable with the pricey nature of this machine then you can also buy it for your luxury home.

Prosumer Zero Turn Lawn mowers

The quality of a prosumer mower is somewhere between a residential mover and a commercial mower. It is recommended for the people who are passionate about the beautification of their lawn mowing or those who have a bigger yard.

This type of machine is strong and durable. It provides a precise cut as compared to the residential mowers.

A prosumer mower is usually e used by the people who own a landscaping business or any similar venture. It is slightly expensive but a brilliant alternative for any commercial mower.

Husqvarna Z242F 42

This comes with an 18 horsepower Kawasaki engine which provides efficiency and reliability. It has a maximum speed of 6.5 mph and is excellent for residential users.

This machine has a park brake system that activates so deactivates when the steering levers are moved inward or outward. Other premium features include an amazing control panel, anti-slip footrest find a fuel capacity of up to 3.5 gallons.

Snapper 2911525BVE CLASSIC RER 28 INCH 11.5 HP 344cc

This zero-turn mower provides a 3-year limited warranty. This has and easily reachable ergonomic controls, they are pretty straight forward and easily accessible by the fingertips which make the mowing experience comfortable.

With 5 horsepower and 11.5 hp Briggs and Stratton 4-cycle engine, this machine is capable of vertical stand-on-edge.


This marvelous machine has 4 adjustable-height options available to cut the grass so that you can execute the exact cut that you want. It allows the user to adjust between 13 different heights of cuts, ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Moreover, it has a welded steel frame and high quality of suspension comfort system that allows the user to feel lesser impact while operating it. The ergonomic mesh seat also makes the mowing experience much more comfortable. The engine from Briggs and Stratton is very powerful and durable.


With a huge 31 horsepower and commercial grade 31 hp Kawasaki commercial, V-twin engine, this mower comes with a premium adjustable suspension system.

It provides comfortable back support for the user and the patent rapid response helps with the steering that keeps your arms relaxed on an armrest while operating the machine.

Other specifications include a substantial, commercial-grade cast iron blade spindles, Hydro gear 3400 transmissions with electric PTO warner clutch, and electric cutting deck height adjustment.

ARIENS 915223 IKON-X 52′

It is one of the most popular zero-turn mowers with an enormous 23 HP Kawasaki FR V-Twin engine. This machine will be very valuable for your lawn due to its astounding power.

The seat is very comfortable and secure, back padded support with armrests provide a favorable experience for the user. This machine is especially recommended for those who have to mow for longer times.

The fuel capacity of this mower is 2.8 gallons. Moreover, there is a 52-inch fabricated cutting deck that is equivalent to 4/2 inches depth and it is made with 11-gauge steel.


It is powered by Briggs and Stratton 725 InStart series engine (7.25 ft and 163 ccs). The best feature of this machine is that it turns very easily as the front wheel has the aptitude to turn 360 degrees for handling delicate cuts.

There is a single 6 stage height adjustment lever that allows efficient customization of your mowing height. The Instart technology is among the premium features of this machine, the effortless push button and lithium-ion electric starting make the operation of this machine easy.

A portable lithium-ion Instart battery and charger are included in the package of this mower.


The V-Twin the engine and 19 horsepower make the driving experience much smoother as compared to the other mowers available in the market.

It is a small machine but the engine is very powerful to manage the hilly yards. The cutting deck is constructed of 12-gauge steel with a thickness of 2.656 mm. It has the mid-padded seat which makes the long hours of mowing your lawn easy-to-manage.