Depends vs Always – WHICH ONE IS BETTER?

Always Discreet and Depends are two of the most popular adult diapers among women especially in postpartum. The common question we are always asked is Which one is better? Depends or Always Discrete.

Today we will talk in detail about the absorbency, softness, comfort ability and design of both of these adult postpartum diapers (Depends vs Always) mothers might use.

The short answer however is that Always Discrete is the best choice if you have heavy menstrual bleeding after child birth and urine incontinence. This is due to the fact that Always Discrete is super absorbent, light weight, breathable and soft diaper compared to its competitor.

But let’s have a deep dive into features of Depends and Always Discrete as sometimes it comes down to personal preferences and other choices.

Depends Silhouette

Though most women think that Depends make diapers only for adult women. This notion is wrong. Actually a lot of new moms benefit a lot from depends silhouette diapers. Depends is made with such material that absorbs immediately ensuring long lasting dryness. This means you can be worry free all day long and have a comfortable experience.

The depends diaper prevent puffing up like other adult diapers which might cause inconvenience.

The good thing about this odor control feminine colored underwear is that they are extremely soft postpartum incontinence and bladder incontinence.

The form fitting elastic strands of the diaper help you to be flexible with your movements unlike other bulky diapers that restrict the movements and heavy to carry for longer period of time.

Always Discrete

Always Discrete incontinence underwear are super absorbent adult diapers. With their Rapid Dry technology it turns liquid to gel thus you can always walk with peace and have a smooth and secure fit with amazing leakage protection. And the Odor lock neutrilizes odors instantly giving you a great feel.

The 360 degree form fit design fits perfectly with your body with a soft fabric, unlike other adult diapers which are bulky and uneasy to wear for extended periods of time.

Many women wonder on how to control the bladder leaks. While strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can help you with that. But Always Discrete features Leak Guards that offers super absorbent core and you need not worry about bladder leaks. One in three woman has to go through bladder leaks. Always discrete gets you more confidence, control and discrete protection.

Finding the right fit of underwear for you is extremely important in combatting bladder leaks. The more filled in droplets on the cover, shows higher level of absorbency. You can take help of this easy sizing chart based on your flow.


Before we discussed some of the salient features of Depends and Always pants, now we will compare the softness of fabric, absorbency, comfort levels, design, odor and price of Depends vs Always Discrete.






Always Discrete and Depends underwear both comes in all sizes, XS, S, M, L and XL. But to compare the price between both, the large underwear of always is 0.73 per count and its the same 0.73 dollars per count for Depends.