Motorhome and Caravan Sat Nav Garmin Camper 780

GARMIN CAMPER 780 REVIEW – Best Motorhome and Caravan Sat Nav

GARMIN Camper 780 is specifically designed for motorhome drivers and caravan sat nav. The specification such as vehicle weight and size are devised following the trips with motorhomes and caravans. This sat nav comes with an impressive 7-inch multi-touch screen. The multi-touch screen is one of the best features of this sat nav as it is comparable to the high-end smartphones, moreover, the functioning and display of the touch screen are also very impressive. Overall, they have included some quintessential features that make the motorhome sat nav stand out among the others available in the market.

Motorhome and Caravan Sat Nav Garmin Camper 780

Keeping the legacy of the GARMIN range, Garmin camper 780 also offers the campsite lists from ACSI, MHF, NKC, and the incredible built-in campsite searching tool. The campsite searching tool enables you to select the park/campsite that suits your interests. You can also filter the results to display the campsites which offer the facilities that you require, for instance, electricity hook-up points or Wifi.

Is GARMIN Camper 780 Easy to Use?

The motorhome caravan sat nav Garmin camper 780 is very easy to use. The name of the road that you are traveling on will be discernible upon a glance. It shows the specific speed limit according to your vehicle, the real speed that your vehicle is moving at, and an estimated time slot for your arrival.

GARMIN Camper 780 Provides Distinct itineraries

GARMIN Camper 780 provides specific itineraries which makes it among the best motorhome sat nav. The itineraries are devised keeping in mind the size and weight of the caravan or motorhome.

There are comprehensive maps of Europe including the restrictions that the vehicle might encounter. Moreover, it indicates the weight limits, narrow roads, bridge heights, sharp curves, steep hills, tree overhang, and other minor details as well that allows it to suggest personalized itineraries which consider the explicit characteristics of the vehicle.

When you turn on the sat nav for the first time, it will launch a configuration that allows you to enter the vehicle’s profile information and from there on, it handles the vehicle-compatible itineraries.

Unlimited & Free map updates with GARMIN Camper 780

You will get free traffic information and map updates for a lifetime with Garmin Camper 780 sat nav. It is an outstanding feature because, with the constant updating for maps and points of interest, you would be able to receive credible information about the campsites. GARMIN Camper 780 does not require a constant link to the computer to update. There is a built-in Wi-Fi antenna that downloads the updates from the unit directly.

Furthermore, there is also a traffic receiver that allows you to gain access to real-time traffic information. This service is also free of cost and does not require any additional subscription charges. It is not available in all the sat nav in the market because most of them charge extra for this service.

Garmin Camper 780 Reverse camera

GARMIN wireless camera BC30 is sold separately but GARMIN Camper 780 is compatible with it. As soon as it is collected, the camera will exhibit the video signal on the screen whenever the reverse gear gets involved. It is better than the CAMPER 660 model because you don’t have to buy the wireless camera along with the sat nav for the best functioning as you get it along with the package in GARMIN Camper 780.

Garmin Camper 780 Competent hands-free and voice activated navigation control system

This sat nav Garmin camper 780 has proficient voice activated navigation which is a consistent peculiarity in all the previous models as well. When you pronounce ‘voice command’, the unit gets activated and displays the multiple voice-activated controls.

Hence, you can plan an itinerary or perform any relevant function without having to leave the steering wheel. This feature is laudable because it ensures the safety of the driver once he starts driving as all the functions ranging from increasing the screen brightness to lowering the volume can be performed through the voice activated navigation.

You just have to connect it to Bluetooth and it will display all your notifications on the screen as well. You can check notifications, text messages, or make an important call without touching your phone. The quality of the built-in speaker in camper 780 is very good and you can be assured of the fine voice quality of the phone calls. However, the microphone quality is not as good as factory-mounted units.

GARMIN Camper 780 drive application

The live map services are more productive in camper 780 as the manufacturers have added a new feature called the GARMIN drive app. This is an application that will be installed on your Android or Apple smartphone which will connect your Camper to live services.

Once it is connected to your phone, the device gains access to much more insightful POI data, traffic information, weather forecast, and parking availability provisions. The lives services use your phone’s internet; therefore, you should have a portable wi-Fi device or a good data plan. It is free as there are no extra charges for this service.

Remarkable guidance of Camper 780 Caravan Sat Nav

This motorhome and caravan sat nav Garmin camper 780 offers excellent guidance like all the previous models. It predicts the exact lane through flashing arrows navigation and verbal indications.

Due to this facility, it gets easier for the driver to intercept complex intersections. The photo-realistic views show the exit points and complicated turns just the way they are. Moreover, this sat nav Garmin camper 780 GPS has a credible feature called GARMIN real directions and voice activated navigation system.

This amazing feature makes the guidance as real as possible. The directions are easy to understand by the incorporation of popular and recognizable landmarks including traffic signals, buildings, etc.

The directions are usually associated with nearby buildings or traffic signals. Real voice technology enhances the quality of voices and diminishes the robotic effect. The voices are much more relatable and natural which makes the experience very smooth.

Garmin Camper 780 Features TripAdvisor ratings and reviews

You can get useful information related to the services available on the itinerary. It includes user reviews and points of interest on TripAdvisor. This facility is very beneficial for those who know the TripAdvisor website as the reviews and ratings are very dependable. It can help the driver to plan an itinerary with much more preciseness and skill.

Garmin Camper 780 Specifications

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