Menstrual Cup Quiz

Menstrual cups are a much more sustainable option as compared to sanitary napkins. These are eco-friendly and efficient. They have been around since the 1960s but they recently became popular among the ladies due to its comfortable silicone construction and a better design.

Why USE Menstrual Cups

Eco-friendly nature

Menstrual cups are eco-friendly as compared to tampons for sanitary napkins. It is reported that every year nearly 400 million pounds of tampons and sanitary napkins permeate the landfills. Menstrual cups are reusable, therefore, it is a sustainable option. The sanitary pads or tampons are made up of paper so using menstrual cups would mean preserving a few trees from being cut down to produce more sanitary napkins.

Cost-saving option

Choosing menstrual cups over traditional sanitary napkins has a lot of benefits but the most prominent one is their sustainable nature. Menstrual cups can be reused. In some cases, women use menstrual cups for years. It is an economical option because you invest in the menstrual cup once and on the other hand, buying sanitary napkins each month can be costly.


The bell-shaped menstrual cups can be used for over 12 hours before draining it. Once the menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina, it forms a seal against the wall of the vagina. The fluid is then collected in the cup until it’s emptied. As compared to tampons on sanitary napkins, the menstrual cups are a sustainable option.

No fetid odor

Using menstrual cups can avoid facing the plight of bad odor due to the sanitary napkins. The sanitary napkins are exposed to the air and therefore, most of the women face embarrassing situations due to the odor. However, in the case of menstrual cups, the menstrual fluid is not exposed to the air and a whole load of distress can be bypassed.

Medical benefits

As the menstrual fluid is collected in the menstrual cup, the vaginal PH can be maintained. The tampons or sanitary napkins absorb the vaginal fluid along with the menstrual fluid which is not good for the vaginal bacteria and the delicate PH of the vagina. Moreover, sanitary napkins are widely associated with toxic shock syndrome, it is a rare and fatal disease.

It is an established fact that sanitary napkins contain some toxic chemicals including bleach and dioxin. Some of these chemicals are directly linked to cancer in human beings. Menstrual cups are made up of silicon and there has been no evidence of any side effects associated with them.


The process of inserting the menstrual cup is extremely easy. The women who have used a diaphragm would find it even easier to manage the menstrual cups. It involves three simple steps: folding the menstrual cup, directing it in the vagina, and pushing it a little.

Choosing the Right Menstrual Cup

It is very important to select the right feminine product for your body. Selecting a menstrual cup can be very tricky but our menstrual cup quiz will be very helpful in your decision. Our quiz will help you find out the correct size according to your body that will provide a relaxed and leak-free period. What are the few factors that you need to determine before picking your menstrual cup?

  • AGE: A women’s body changes in every age. All the bodies are different from each other and just like that, for every age, the menstrual cup size would be different. A smaller menstrual Cup will be needed for a teenager as compared to a new mother.
  • CHILDBIRTH: After pregnancy, the selection of feminine body products gets even complicated. It is one of the most critical factors that need to be determined in the selection of menstrual cups. Ideally, The women who have conceived require a larger size of the menstrual cup.
  • MENSAL FLOW: The monthly flow varies, some of the women bleed lightly while some others have a very heavy flow. The flow is a deciding factor in selecting the perfect menstrual cup because of the capacity required by each woman. If the flow is heavy then you need a higher capacity in the menstrual cup as compared to the women who bleed lightly. In our menstrual quiz, you will find out the size of your menstrual cup according to your mensal flow. How do we find out the capacity that you need according to the monthly flow? It is considered by the number of tampons/sanitary napkins you use every month and the number of times you empty the menstrual cup in a day.
  • CERVIX HEIGHT: Not everyone is accustomed to measure the cervix height. It is more confusing for the people who have been using tampons or sanitary napkins for a long time. How to measure your cervix height? The process is rather intricate so make sure that your nails are properly cut so that there should be no discomfort during the measurement. It is also important to wash your hands before beginning with the process. You need to insert your finger in the vagina and if your it reaches the cervix by the first knuckle, count the height low. If it reaches by the second knuckle, the height is medium. If you can’t strike it even by the third knuckle then you have a high cervix. Once you have measured the height, it will be easier to pick the perfect menstrual cup. Women with a low cervix height need a smaller menstrual cup. In our quiz, you will be further helped with the right menstrual cup size according to your cervix height.
  • Work out: Believe it or not, the amount of exercise that you do in your period does have a very significant effect on your menstrual cup. If you work out a lot and your physical activity is high then the shape of your menstrual Cup will be different from the one who does not. However, it is not the only factor but one of the many factors important to make your decision.

Menstrual cup quiz

There are many menstrual Cup quizzes available online including our own but how does it help? If you are starting out and need guidance regarding the selection of your menstrual cup, these quizzes are extremely healthy and efficient to make a good decision. There is an extremely specialist thought process that goes behind creating these menstrual cup quizzes and it makes the process of selecting the perfect fit for your body much easier.

With so many menstrual cups available everywhere, you cannot trust anybody to help you make the perfect decision but with the menstrual cup quiz, you will get a clear picture of what you need. Also, it saves a lot of time. You don’t have to look upon the internet or waste your time on worthless suggestions from your friends. There are standard and brand-specific quizzes.