Soft Menstrual Cups

Looking for Soft Menstrual Cups?

Well you have arrived at the right place as we will be listing some of the softest menstrual cups you can buy right now.

Menstrual cups have gained a lot of attention due to the allergies and infections sanitary pads have been doing to a lot of women. So women are looking for ecofriendly and healthy alternatives to regular pads. You get the option to choose from a bamboo charcoal or soft cotton reusable cloth pad or try one of the menstrual cups.

Well, as it seems you have decided to go for a menstrual cup, lets talk about why you need a soft menstrual cup and what is the difference between a soft menstrual cup and a hard of firm menstrual cup.

Choosing the right menstrual cup is very essential and it can make a huge difference in the comfort and effectiveness of the cup. Generally speaking softer cups can be more comfortable but this might not be true in each case. As super soft menstrual cups might leak or can be lot harder to open inside. So always aim for a soft to average cup for better comfort levels and effectiveness.

​Best Soft Menstrual Cups you can BUY

So without any further ado, lets hop on to the list of some of the best soft menstrual cups you can buy right now. The table below shows different menstrual cup brands along with their length, diameter, firmness and capacity.

Menstrual Cup Brand Size Firmness Capacity Length Diameter Misc
Lena Sensitive Small 2 25 ml 1.81″ 1.57″ Before Childbirth (For medium Blood Flow)
Lena Sensitive Large 2 30 ml 2.00″ 1.77″ After Childbirth (For medium to High Blood Flow)
Lily Cup Compact A 1 20 ml 2.28″ 1.65″ Age less than 35 or Before childbirth
Lily Cup Compact B 1 25 ml 2.28″ 1.77″ After childbirth and 30+ years old
Lily Cup A 2 25 ml 3.07″ 1.57″ Age less than 35 or Before childbirth
Lily Cup B 2 28 ml 3.07″ 1.70″ After childbirth and 30+ years old
FemmyCycle Regular 2 30 ml 1.69″ 1.42″ After Childbirth
FemmyCycle Petite 2 17.5 ml 1.5″ 1.22″ Before Childbirth
FemmyCycle Low Cervix 2 30 ml 1.69″ 1.42 For women with Low Cervix
Organi Cup A 2 23 ml 1.85″ 1.50″ Age less than 30 or Before childbirth
Organi Cup B 2 30 ml 1.93 1.73 After childbirth or over 30 years

Softest Menstrual Cups to Buy

  • 9.5/10

LeakProof – 9.5/10

  • 9.2/10

Comfortable – 9.2/10

  • 9.2/10

Price – 9.2/10



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