Best Solar Pool Heater

Do you ever feel like relaxing in the pool but the water is pretty cold so you decide to cancel your plan? Or sometimes you decide to invite your friends over for a pool party at your house but you have to change it because nobody would enjoy diving in cold water.

Well, to help you keep your plans and enjoy without any worries we have come up with a list of Best Solar Pool Heaters. Solar Pool Heaters will allow you to enjoy your pool even in winter.

You don’t have to wait for summers for a pool party with these amazing solar pool heaters which also saves your electricity bills compared to gas or electric heaters.

This list will help you choose a solar pool heater according to your budget and your pool type.

GAME 4721-BB Solar PRO

This solar pool heater by GAME is absolutely a game-changer with its ability to increase the temperature of water by 5 degrees of 8,000 Gallon large pool just in 4 days. It is compatible with both in-ground and above-ground pools. It is made with high-quality material making it super durable even with frequent exposure under the sun and other outdoor elements for days. It is specially designed in a curve shape to maximize heat collection from all angles. It comes along with treaded ports to add more flexible plumbing options. It has foldable legs to adjust it to a position from where it can get the maximum heat along with a clear cover to lock that heat. This pool heater will extend your pool season by gradually increasing the water temperature. It’s a budget-friendly heater for your pool.

It requires a full day sunny location for the best heating and works with pool pumps less than 1.5 HP.

Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Pool

This eco-friendly solar pool heater by INTEX can increase the water temperature by 3-5 Degree C depending on weather conditions. It is compatible with a filter pump of up to ½ hp with a flow rate of about < 2500 gal/hr (9463 L/hr). It is most suitable for above ground pools of about 8000 gallons of 1m sq surface to absorb heat from sun rays. 2 adapters are included for 32mm hose attachment point and hose connection. It also has a bypass valve. This Solar heater map makes your pool more inviting for friends and family.

It is best for above-ground pools. But it is not suitable for children under 3 years and pool temperature will never be constant because of weather changes

KOKIDO KEOPS Solar Dome Pool Water Heater

Kokido Keops makes sure that you swim whenever you want even in the coldest months of the year. It makes your pool warm and continuously heats the water until it reaches a comfortable temperature for swimming. Kokido is ideal for small or medium-sized water pools.

It works by fastening between filter pumps and pool returns. This Eco-friendly and cost-effective solar pool heater is congenial with above ground pools and having 4 Foot hoses, fittings, steel clamps and also has an integrated rack that sets the heater at the best angle for maximum exposure to sunlight. Moreover, with this, you can attach more heaters for larger pools. This heater doesn’t let your swimming season end.

Smartpool S601P Sun heater Solar Heating System

This Smartpool sun heater keeps your pool warm using a polypropylene heat collector. It features 80 square feet of solar panels with a direct flow system for heating. It has one header hole for each heating tube. This solar heater is perfect for heating any in-ground swimming pool. It can raise water temperature from 4-6 Degree C. Th panel array is 4 feet wide x 20 feet long.

It is perfect for in-ground pools. It can be installed easily, has low maintenance and available at affordable prices.

SunQuest Solar Pool Heater

SunQuest seizes the sunlight to heat your pool. This heating system flows the water through the solar panel and warms it with the help of sunlight which moves it back to the pool. SunQuest is highly reliable, light-weight, made from high-quality material, having superior technology and provides high-quality performance. Its superior technology cuts almost all the heating costs of your pool.

SunQuest solar panel is specially designed for both in-ground or above ground swimming pools. It has a Max-Flow design that contains 2 O.D. headers for better water circulation in the pool. It is congenial with the existing pool pump. SunQuest can raise the temperature of your pool up to 10 degrees. It is also very easy to install as you can install it by yourself with the assistance instruction manual.

It doesn’t work best in bad conditions and takes time to warm up the pool.

Game 4147 SolarPro INTEX solar pool heater

The Game 4147 SolarPro Intex solar pool heater is a high-power heater which collects the energy from sunlight to heat your pool. It is a high capacity pool heater which works without gas or electricity. This heater is suitable for a pool of about 10,000 gallons capacity. It creates a greenhouse effect that makes maximum heat transfer.

The Game 4147 SolarPro Intex solar pool heater is dome-shaped with foldable legs which facilitates easy storage. It has a 1.5 HP pump with a 19 GMP flow rate. This machine has a water capacity of 1.5 gallons. It can heat water for 5 Fahrenheit in 6 days. This pool heater will never disappoint you. It provides pollution-free working and also saves power fuel expenses. But it has limited compatibility.

Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System

FAFCO solar bear economy heating system is a top-notch heater that can heat 18′-24′ round pool with its signature solar bear technology. It is used for both in or above-ground pools and it can be easily installed in less than 30 minutes. Its solar panel of 4×20′ is the major reason for its Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System has a versatile function. Each panel can produce 80,000 BTU. 

can raise the temperature of the pool up to 10 degrees. This solar heater includes barb connection, 12 mounting bases, 12 mounting caps, one valve handle, 20 pieces of rubber tube plugs and 6 mounting straps. Ground spikes are required for good installation. This heater adds value to your pool and house.

Sun heater S120U universal solar pool heater

Sun heater S120U universal solar pool heater has slotted panels of 2×20′ for easy installation. It’s a universal heater and can be used for both in and above ground pools. It has a patented design that allows maximum exposure to sunlight. It has a Direct flow system, one header hole for each heating tube. It can heat the water for 4-6 degrees Celsius. 

This heater can easily be installed on the ground, roof, or fence. It comes with an attractive 4 color retailing packaging. It can be operated with an old or existing pump. This solar heater is one of its kind with many benefits. It is built to work in every season and every condition. Its working is natural and Eco-friendly.

Smart pool solar heater

A smart pool solar heater is another pool heater of choice due to its high functioning capability. It is a product of a reputable brand and can fulfill all your expectations. The solar panels are made up of polypropylene material which ensures its long life. It has large panels that expose more surface for capturing heat and provide facilitated installation on ground and roof. 

The heating capacity of this solar pool is between 10 to 16 Fahrenheit. This tool has a liquid heat shield that prevents evaporation. Its quality has made it one of the most demanding solar pool heaters in the market.

Blue wave NS6028 SolarPro curve solar heater

Blue wave NS6028 solarpro curve solar heater has 51 ft long solar coils housed within the heating station. It has a curved design rather than a dome, and this design allows it to heat your pool faster than dome-shaped pool heaters. This design also helps in increasing the heating capacity by 40%. It includes 2 installation hoses and stainless-steel hose clamps. 

It comes with foldable legs for easy mobility and adjustment. It is an all-season pool heater for above ground pools only. It can be installed within minutes. Water is fed into the heating station by a filtering system which is warmed to a specific temperature and then pumped back in the pool from the exit port to provide the best swimming experience. It is compatible with pools of 30 ft or 12,000 Gallon capacity. This pool heater can extend your summer season by providing you with warm water. It is very affordable and has a very low maintenance cost.

Goplus solar dome swimming pool heater

Goplus solar dome swimming pool heater is a dome-shaped heater to warm up your cold swimming pools to a comfortable temperature. It has a pleasant appearance as compared to other solar pool heaters. A protective cover is available with it to protect against dust when not in use. It is powered by solar energy, totally natural in the functioning and does not require any combustible fuel to operate its pump.

 The Goplus Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater comes in black color and solar panels are made up of polypropylene and polyethylene which promise durability. It is lightweight and can be moved easily. It connects to 1.5 Inch hoses. Its optimized activity makes it one of the best solar heated pool in the market.


Solar pool supply is one of the imperishable, well-executed and high performing solar collectors in the market. It is hatched with high-grade material that makes it withstand in every weather condition on the rooftop for a long time (15-20 years). Each panel is passed through 40 QC quality inspections during the entire manufacturing process.

It contains a tube and web design which enables it for regular expansion and contraction as it heats and cools to extend its utility life.

 Panels design delivers appropriate flow through the collectors and averts hot-spots. These panels must be installed vertically for the best performance.

This panel is fabricated with pre-compounded polythene which enhances the material resistance to UV lights. During the manufacturing process, all kinds of quality issues are being detected and resolved instantly. Each panel is assured to be free with any kind of manufacturing defects. It can replace any solar pool heater having around 1.5 I. D/ 1.9 O. D header manifolds and it can be attached with rubber couplings.


Poolmaster 59026 slim line uses sunlight to make your above-ground pool cozy. It can heat your pool to 5 degrees in the best weather and placement conditions. It must be availed with the solar cover that ensures to maintain the temperature over the night.

Its slim and compact design makes it easy to fit in the pool area and absorb sunlight to warm up the filtered pool water. It is constructed with imperishable and weather-resistant materials to bear bad conditions having an aluminum stand for various positioning options.


Heliocol swimming pool solar panel is viewed as one of the best pool solar panels out there in the market. It is fabricated with durable and weather-resistant materials which enables it to withstand in any weather or condition.

Heliocol infuses a lot on its design. Heliocol contains round tubes that apprehend more heat. It also resists the wind lift and guards the rooftop against rain rots by increasing evaporation. The header is formed and fused on every single tube.

Solar Pool Heaters – BUYING GUIDE

While purchasing any product from the market, we consider some key factors related to that product. Same as the case for solar pool heaters. You must consider some factors while purchasing it. The key factors of solar pool heaters are as follows.

· Size of the pool

· Build Quality

· Pool Functionality

· Budget

Size of the Pool

Your pool size matters a lot while purchasing solar pool heaters because it plays an important role in how the heater works to warm up the filtered water. If you own a small pool then small or medium-sized solar heaters would be ideal for it. But if you own a large pool or a small pool with a lot of depth then you must buy a powerful solar heating system.

Build Quality

Another factor is that you must consider the material of the solar heater from which it is constructed. It also has an impact on its long-lasting ability to heat your pool. If you are hunting for a durable solar heater then you must consider those heaters who have glass coating. This feature is not available in electric or gas pool heaters.

Pool Functionality

While purchasing the pool heaters you must consider the specific purpose of your pool. Whether it is used for enjoyment or sports purposes. Solar pool heaters are ideal for recreational purposes but not for sports activities.


The major factor while purchasing the pool heaters is your budget. You must keep in mind that expensive heaters deliver quality performance but you can also get high-quality heating systems within a specific price range.

After viewing all the solar heaters and their key factors, certain questions may arise in your mind.


Swimming in cold water might be throbbing and tiring and it can also cause many skin diseases if you swim for a long time. If you live in a cold environment then there are many solutions to make your pool warm by utilizing the pool heaters. The pool heaters are usually expensive but they are also available at affordable prices.

It is very easy to install as it flows the pipes under the pool and where the motor gives rise to the warm water. This job is done by the solar panel which is located at the top or side. It does not require fuel to heat the water, but it requires sunlight. As every product has a benefit as well as a disadvantage. Solar power heaters works well only in the presence of sunlight which is not available at some places. If you live in a sunny place choose this type of power heaters.


There is no special task that you have to do while winterizing the solar pool heaters. You just need to keep in view some important things to winterize it.

For this purpose, you have to detach the water supply from the heater and unload it. Make sure it becomes completely dry and offset it with the best solar pool covers. If you reside in a place where freezing is normal, then don’t attempt to make your pool heat up with solar pool heaters.


If you are thinking of installing your solar pool heater on the roof it is a great idea because it absorbs more sunlight and converts it into heat energy which makes your pool warm.

While installing solar pool heaters on the roof, it could be very expensive and costly because of some techniques and features.

It is very easy to set up. Solar pool heater contains 2 pipes, one is leading in from the pump and the other one is leading back to the pool.

Solar Pool Heaters – Final Verdict

By keeping in view all the factors for the best solar pool heater in this buying guide, we have come to the final verdict that the best solar pool heater is Poolmaster 59026. Because it can easily heat pools and is coated with glass and available at affordable prices. We hope this compilation would make your selection and purchase easier.