Swedish Dishcloth – Reusable, Biodegradable Kitchen Cloths

A Swedish dishcloth is an eco-friendly cleaning cloth that replaces sponges and paper towels. You can use it to clean countertops, do dishes in the kitchen or bath tub for general household chores!

It’s also more hygienic than using a dirty sponge because of its self-adhesive surface which keeps bacteria at bay with just one swipe across your sink’s glassware before washing them off when done wiping down surfaces.

Also no fibers sticking into your hands when you’re done using them which could potentially cause infection from bacteria on its surface (and this goes without saying: who wants sick kids?).

The Swedish dishcloth that can do almost anything! These marvelously absorbent cloths are made of natural materials and will be your go-to for cleaning dishes, pots or pans.

The Swedish dishcloth soften when wet so there’s no need to worry about getting them dirty again before washing off any food residue with hot water. The soft fabric helps keep it dry on surfaces while you’re using its superpowers which is perfect if drying time isn’t an issue because each one lasts 9-12 months depending how often they get used – talk about value for money!!

Who doesn’t want a dishcloth that can be washed and reused? This amazing, natural swedish fabric was invented in 1949. It’s durable enough for repeated machine washings which means you’ll never have to buy paper towels or napkins again!

1. “Who Gives a Crap” Dream Cloths

These dishwasher-safe and machine washable Swedish Dishcloth is perfect for just about any household cleaning task. This pack of 3 Swedish Dishcloth set from Quirkyly named “Who Gives A Crap”, manufactured with 70% cellulose fibers mixed in to make them more durable than your average kitchen towel or paper towels, they also come at an eco-friendly price!

Who wants to deal with all that waste? With reusable dishcloths, you can do your part in saving the planet. These long-lasting cloths by “Who Gives a Crap” are made of organic cotton TENCEL fiber which makes them not only absorbent but also sustainable! Not only will they make any spill on rugs easier cleanup, but every time I wash my hands after using one or even just drying off from washing dishes instead papers towels this has become much more appealing than ever before now knowing about their contribution towards helping others around world both near AND far away .

This is what I absolutely love about this Swedish dishcloth. By buying them you get to help many less fortunate people from all over the world! They’re super absorbent, which means they deal even with that wine spill on your rug (or anywhere else). And when it comes time for me use my new sink cloth again instead? Well there’s no need because who needs paper towels when we’ve got reusable cloths like this?!

This dishcloth is the perfect kitchen towel alternative! They are made from 100% plant-based materials. It’s fully compostable, fast drying. You get 3 cloths measuring 17cm x 20 cm in size are included with your purchase for use when washing up dishes using Zero Waste Dish Soaps

“Who Gives A Crap” donates up to 50% of its profits, which amount in excess of $1 million annually (most recent reported figure), and has sent over 2 million dollars worth of aid around the world since inception.

3 Pack of Swedish Dishcloth by Wet-it

3 Pack of Swedish Dishcloth by Wet-it