Thunderbolt Magnum Solar

Do you have an energy shortage issue at your place or are you tensed with high electricity bills? Most of these issues are solved using alternative energy sources like generators.  But there are a lot of problems with it. Your comfortable and clean environment is ruined with the use of generators.

That’s why most people have started to shift to Solar Panel kits like the tremendous Thunderbolt Magnum Solar of 100 Watt kit by Harbor Freight.

 Generators are expensive and use fuel or gas to power which burns and produces energy, emitting a lot of harmful gaseous compounds in the environment.

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These harmful substances are highly dangerous to breathe in and cause serious health damage mainly respiratory issues or even cancer. They not only destroy your body but also impose excessive damage to your surrounding environment.

Another concerning issue with these generators is that they produce loud sounds which often causes restlessness, and it becomes hard to focus on your work. To save you from this destructive machine we have come up with the solution of using solar panels.

Solar panels not only reduce your electricity bills but are also eco-friendly. Buying a solar panel kit is like having a lifetime investment.

You buy it once, and then you’ll get free electricity for your entire lifetime. You won’t have to worry about your electric bills anymore. They impose no damage to you or your surroundings, neither do they produce any loud sound to distract you.

Solar panels use light energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. If you want a clean and reliable energy source than Thunderbolt Magnum Solar of 100 Watt kit is the best option for you.

Let’s go ahead and discuss this Thunderbolt Magnum solar panel kit in detail so you would know why exactly one should buy it? And how much energy it can provide you.

Buy Thunderbolt Solar Panel Kit by Harbor Freight.

Thunderbolt Magnum Solar Specifications

The Thunderbolt Magnum Solar Kit consists of 4 separate solar panels. Each cell of the panel is made up of amorphous silicon encased in a metal or glass frame which can work in both bright and cloudy weather.

Each of these panels can produce a maximum of 25 watts of energy every hour, all day long. Each of the panels can be used individually, or you can choose how many of them you want to operate at a time.

When combined with the panels, all 4 panels produce a combined total of 100 watts of energy per hour. Thunderbolt Magnum Solar Kit produces about 12 volts of energy per hour. The efficiency of each solar panel decreases by 0.8 each year.

Now, this is not the best and highest-producing solar panel kit out there, but it is quite efficient nonetheless. One must admit that it is impressive that such a small solar panel kit can produce this much clean energy, to begin with.

This panel kit includes voltage regulator, mounting hardware and primary connections required to start generating energy. Another noteworthy attribute of this panel is its easy assembly, all necessary accessories are included for its installation. It is equipped with a charge controller that protects the battery from overcharge and discharge. This kit weighs 40 pounds and needs some energy to carry.

Moreover, it has a compact design which means it takes a little space. This solar kit is a valuable source of pollution-free and clean energy as they only depend upon sunlight, there’s no need for any fuel.

The Thunderbolt Magnum Solar Kit can generate enough energy to power or charge the battery for your motor home. It can also be used to run various appliances like electric irons, smaller stoves and ovens, televisions, computers, refrigerators, freezers, and other things like these.

You might encounter some problems using multiple appliances at once, especially large appliances, but the fact remains the same, which is that for such a small and portable solar panel kit, the amount of energy it produces is stunning.


•        Thunderbolt magnum solar kit has three LED indicators.

•        Three connections for solar panels, battery and 12V output.

•        It contains USB ports for charging smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

•        This solar kit can withstand drastic weather conditions because it is wind and water-resistant.

•        A blocking diode is present to protect battery discharging at night.

•        Battery terminals, 12 Volt light systems and DC power adapter also come with it.

•        A solar inverter is attached which converts DC power into AC power.

Thunderbolt magnum solar is an eco-friendly product that provides clean and quiet energy from sunlight with greater efficiency. This 100W solar kit contains mounting hardware, voltage regulator and basic connections. It is very easy to install. Thunderbolt is ideal for small cabins, boats and also for RV’s. It can run on 12 Volts.

It is made up of amorphous silicon solar cells that give maximum output even in harsh conditions. Thunder’s design makes it weather-resistant. It also has a charge controller that guards your device against discharge or overcharge. Also has a universal DC power adapter to charge your phones and tablets.

Thunderbolt magnum 100 watt solar panel weighs about 40 pounds which means it is slightly heavier than other panels. It is portable but you need muscles to carry them.

This solar kit is weatherproof, but its blocking diode is not waterproof, so it must be placed in a dry place. Thunderbolt magnum also requires ventilation to make sure that it remains cool while working. This solar kit does not include a battery, you have to buy it separately.


If you are hunting for a good solar kit for camping, fishing, small cabins, RV’s and other things, then Thunderbolt magnum 100 watt solar panel is an ideal choice for you.

It is the best option for you if you are planning to use sunlight as a primary source of energy for your house. But it works at its optimum only in bright sunlight. It can also work in dim lights, but not at its best.

One of the bad things about this package is that it does not include an actual storage battery, you need to buy it separately. If you want to purchase a solar kit at a cheaper price with high-quality performance, then Thunderbolt magnum solar kit is worthy to buy.