Top 10 Zero Waste Online Stores

You may ask why zero-waste is important?

Isn’t recycling enough?

The answer is a big “No”.

We all know plastic is bad for our environment and most of the recyclables don’t get recycled and are dumped in the oceans. According to a study, one large garbage truck of plastic is dumped in the ocean every minute and that is the reason why zero-waste items are important.

Not every area has zero-waste shops that’s why we have created this list of Top Ten Zero Waste Online Shops that can provide zero-waste plastic-free products worldwide for people to reduce their waste.


You’ll find every daily use item in these shops including shaving razors to kitchen utensils that are packed and delivered in zero-waste packaging.       

These shops are on a mission to help make sustainable, earth-friendly products to commerce the new normal. Their goal is to make it normal to use such products that are easier on the environment.

Well Earth Goods

Well Earth Goods is one of the greatest online shops for zero-waste that supports a waste-free lifestyle.  This company is owned by a couple who wants to share this passion with others by providing them zero-waste items. It is based in Southern Oregon and offers a variety of good quality products using sustainable resources that support a minimalist, zero-waste lifestyle. The company’s goal is to reduce plastic use and to protect our health and to protect the health of the oceans and the planet. They not only offer zero-waste products but also raise awareness among people about earth pollution.

They provide 100% plastic-free, zero-waste goods to your doorstep in no-waste packaging. They include all kinds of things including laundry, personal care, kids and baby accessories, travel packs, utensils, toiletry, food storage, coffee, tea, and even gift cards. Some of the popular products by Well Earth Goods are their zero-waste toothpaste, lotion bars and hair care products. They even have zero-waste organic natural deodorants and shaving razors.

Life Without Plastic

Life Without Plastic is one of the top-ranked zero waste online shops because they offer safe and decently-sourced products to the community. They utilize plastic-free and toxic-free packing materials such as stainless-steel containers, bamboo utensils, paper or cellulose-based tape, and much more. All of their products meet safety standards set by the USA government.

Life without plastic becomes a leading brand by:

  • Helping the community find safe, top quality, Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products through their online shop.
  • Helping people make sensible purchasing decisions by giving them the information and resources on the health and the hazardous effects of plastic and plastic products on the environment.
  • Motivating people to find ways to take action to reduce plastic use. 
  • Aiding the community towards finding its balance and adapting to the joy and thrilling challenge of living with less plastic. 

Life Without Plastic has a large inventory, they carry non-toxic and ethically made items for the house and kitchen, childcare, drinking, and eating. Each item has a detailed description, which includes the manufacturing material, place of manufacturing, and how to dispose of it. 

Tiny Yellow Bungalow

Tiny Yellow Bungalow is a zero-waste online shop that supports zero-waste plastic-free products. The company intends to contribute to saving the earth. We are constantly polluting the earth with toxins. This company’s mission is to create an online shop is to provide a platform to purchase natural products to reduce the use of non-recyclable products like plastic, etc. 

The Tiny yellow bungalow offers a wide range of products including their unique vintage collection for your home. One popular item at the tiny yellow bungalow is the Zero-waste vegan cookbook that contains over 28 flavorful recipes that use low waste and vegan ingredients. This cookbook is perfect for anyone looking to switch to a vegan diet. They offer everything from kitchen cleaning to body care products.

Wild Minimalist

Wild Minimalist, provides you with an abundance of eco-friendly, endurable, and plastic-free products for your zero-waste lifestyle. One impressive thing about this company is that besides their products, their shipping material is also recyclable and plastic-free. If you are serious about eliminating waste from your life, then Wild Minimalist is going to be your favorite place to shop for green products.
It is a US-based shop owned by a couple. Wild Minimalist is devoted to eradicating waste from your life. This company also provides their services to arrange zero waste functions like zero waste weddings and zero waste baby showers.
Their “zero waste kits” bring together a multitude of products to make a big impact on a particular area of your life. Wild Minimalist offers cleaning products, bags, containers, and plastic-free baby items. Their stainless-steel lunch boxes and kids’ sunscreens deserve to be on the top of your shopping list.

Earth Hero

Earth Hero is among the best zero-waste online shops. It is an eco-friendly marketplace that makes it easy for you to contribute towards saving the Earth with them. The products are sourced, manufactured, and shipped in a way that protects our planet’s future.

The mission of Earth Heroes is to make buying second-nature. They are trying their best to make it normal to consume in a way that’s easier on the environment while meeting the eco-friendly standards we have come to expect. They encourage conscious trade offering trusted, high-quality goods that create an authentic positive impact. 

Earth Hero has an extensive range of eco-friendly products including drinkware, food storage utensils, kitchen cleaning, grocery bags, recycle boxes, clothing, accessories, outdoor sports items, pet accessories, and beauty products. While keeping the new norm in mind their newest collection includes zero-waste hand sanitizers and reusable face masks.


Etee stands for “everything touches everything else”. Etee is one of the leading zero waste stores delivering raw items to the world. Etee provides a wide variety of plastic-free products you won’t find in other stores.

All their materials are 100% biodegradable and all the packaging is as natural as the products. Etee’s reusable products are completely washable and can be used up to 150 times, which means their items are very reliable. All products are easily accessible and affordable. You can find all plastic-free household items on one platform.

At Etee, you can find everything from zero waste oral care supplies to beeswax food wrap for your kitchen. You can also purchase soap concentrates, gifts, food storage products, and more.
Everything from the packaging used for shipping to the products you order is completely free of plastic. Additionally, the products they offer are all-natural that you can recycle when they’ve reached the verge of their profitable life.

Earth Love

Earth Love is a woman-owned company in Washington. Earth Love provides a subscription box full of eco-luxe artisanal products which helps you live more prudently. You can pick out the subscription plan of your choice and Earth Love will send you a gracefully curated box packed with full-size endurable and eco-friendly products according to your subscription plan.

An extraordinary deal of research and high doctrines are done for choosing the products that are included in each Earth Love box. Between 6 and 8 plastic-free products are included each season.
Earth Love box might contain plastic-free swaps, one book, tea, healthy snacks, beauty and skincare products, apothecary or botanical wellness products, a magazine with tips and ideas to live mindfully with Earth and other Earth-friendly items from fair trade makers and businesses.

Best of everything, the items come in low impact boxes. Plus, the boxes, stickers, and packing materials used are 100% post-consumer, recyclable, biodegradable, and made using environment-friendly algae-based dyes.


This small eco-friendly store provides all the living necessities for kids. Kids are messy, you can not stop them from creating mess. But what can you do is to keep down the waste.

Marley’s Monsters is here to rescue you to clean the mess with their zero waste paper replacer. Its products include unpaper towels (in a packing of 6, 12 or 24 around the disposable cardboard tube centers), bibs, facial rounds, nursing pads, reusable snack bags, linen bowl covers, washable duster pads, and reusable cloth wipes. Moreover, at Marley’s every product is available in multi colors and with attractive prints. It also has plain products you can choose whichever suits you.

This small eco-friendly store is situated in Eugene, Oregon where they already have a traditional store. This is the place where its owner Sarah and her teammates manufacture every wooden or fabric product. Also, they offer shipping all over the world, which is plastic-free. This store is named after Marley (the first child of the owner). 

They are also a part of certified Bring Rethink Business, but they are scuffling to promote themselves to Bring zero-zero waste business.


Zerovana is one of the best online stores among the list of zero-waste online stores. Zerovana gathers the products from small handmade businesses from all over the United States of America. Its product classification includes kitchen, cleaning, palm-oil free beauty, personal-care, traveling products, zero-waste kits, and bags. Zerovana also sells disposable bamboo band-aids instead of plastic bandages.

Zerovana is a family-managed store positioned at texas, where it also has a brick and mortar store. After buying items from this eco-friendly store they will give you the items in paper wrapping or recycled boxes to retain their plastic-free promise.

Moreover, they promised to charity 1% of their profits to the National Forest Foundation. Because they plant a tree to US national forests per dollar donated to make the environment green.


Are you tired of using paper products daily? Then Remiusables are here to provide you with the alternatives of paper products. Their selection of products for selling is quite impressive. They sell goods like unpaper towels, sponges, burlap scrubs, baby wipes, and sandwich bags. If you are craving for cloth makeup remover wipes, then you are at the right place. They also sell coffee filters, different bags, family clothes, and wet bags. All of the items they sell are made of clothes which indicates that they are washable and reusable.

This store is run by the owner Remi and her mother. Remiusables is positioned at Michigan. Remi made every product on their own at her home. To eliminate the risk of overstock everything is made at order. They also ship the products globally but it takes too long to deliver.

Even the brochures they use for marketing purposes are 100% recycled.They also use recycled paper for paperwork such as invoices, shipping labels, stationery and business cards.

Zero Waste Stores – Final Verdict

Reducing your waste can be very helpful in controlling climate changes and global warming. For this, you must have to play your part against climate change. 

After going through all the information of all online zero waste stores, in our opinion, the best online store is ZEROVANA as it provides alternatives for all the household essentials and contributes to charity as well.

Try to shop from zero waste stores near you to play your role in it. Unfortunately, if you don’t have time to shop from these stores or have no zero-waste shop near you then this list of online zero waste stores will surely help you. You can surely cut down your waste by buying household products from these online stores. We hope we played our part in reducing waste by compiling the information of these Best Online Zero Waste Stores for your convenience.