Books Like The Selection

Looking for some books like the Selection? Are you a romantic dreamer at heart?

The Selection is a novel by Kiera Cass which was published in 2012. This young- adult series takes the book lovers into the life of America Singer. Her insignificant world and dreams topple when she takes part in a competition announced by the Royal family.

A competition which will lift her from the scums of low caste life to the enchantments of Royal marriage and throne.

A step taken in haste towards the Royal life takes her away from her true love Aspen, her dreams and her ambitions.

Royal Palace was never in her list, she never fancied those shimmery gowns or valuable jewels. Who knew that all that glitters come with riots, threats and vehement attacks from the mutineers?

Alas, America meets Prince Maxon which brings a halt to all her goals. Will she be able to win the competition among 34 other capable contenders?  It is mysterious what the future holds for her now?

Alternative Books Like The Selection

If you are a die-hard fan of romantic novels filled with dystopian aspects then you might like to read other books like the Selection. We have compiled a list of novels that you would love to read.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium comes on the top of the list if you are looking for books like The Selection. It makes you ponder on a point: what if love is a disease?

The story opens in Maine, in times when a dangerous deadly pandemic has hit the county. Love has been declared as a hazardous disease.

A cure is available and every citizen is compelled to get it done when they turn 18. Lena is curious and awaiting her 18th birthday to get cured. She wants to be safe from the horrific disease and live a happy, content life.

Her planning goes down the drain when she gets infected.

She meets Alex- a wanderer from the Wilds who lives under the federal radar. Their interactions make them attracted to each other. What will be the consequences if they fall in Love?

A disease which has been labeled as lethal, under strict government orders. Will Lina choose love over cur

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen, another wonderful addition to the adult-fantasy series, follows Mare Barrow- a young lady who fights for her rights and equality. Divided between born Red or Silver, the kingdom is full of magical powers and abilities. The Silver are the rulers while simple Red are the servant class.

When Mare gets a job at the Palace, to save her closest friend from being recruited in the war against their northern dangers. She incidentally finds her exceptional and unique magical abilities.

As the incident took place in front of a horde of Silvers, the King forces her to play the role of “long lost princess” to cover up the fact that a Red could have enchanting abilities.

The plot is filled with struggles to survive, lies, self-exposure, resistance to the outline of society and true love.  With the right amount of secrets and betrayals, her love story takes numerous turns before settling into a perfect tale. Its story is quite close to that of Hunger Games.

So if you are a fan of Kierra Class and its masterpiece “The Selection” you would love this book by Victoria Aveyard too.

The UnTied Kingdom by Kate Johnson

Imagine emerging in a world that is technologically way behind us? No computers or phones. People living a normal life, without hiding behind the screens of their mobiles. The protagonist Eve looks for distraction and opts for paragliding. Prone to getting in trouble she lands in Thames.

The only difference is this adventure takes her back in time, a time when Princess Diana was still healthy and alive. A time with totally different mindsets, under the reign of fascist rule.

The story gets messy when Eve is being suspected and treated as a spy. She manages to make an ally in this weird world. Harker is a soldier who saved her when she was drowning in the river.

The only problem is she is falling for the handsome man, while the era difference between them both doesn’t let them unite. Will the time be able to let their love bloom?

Your search for books like the selection would be over, once you read through these magical writing.

Chains of Gold by Cassandra Clare 

Chains of Gold is written by Cassandra Clare who is No.1 NewYork and USAToday best Selling author. It is a good alternative to “Selection Novel”. The story is about Cerilla who lives in a castle and is destined to be the wife of Arlen, a king.

The fate of the king has been written; he is to be sacrificed as soon as an heir is born. Cerilla wants to avoid this horrific ritual but ends up falling in love with Arlen.

Their struggles begin when they decide to elope and face the outside world. Arlen’s friend Lonn, is set to take charge of the empire while they both flee to cherish their love and avoid the bloodshed.

A woman comes in terms with her capability and realizes the extent she can go to, to save the love of her life.

This novel is a daunting tale, ably highlighting the variance between people’s cognizance of ‘true love’ and the facts. A story told admirably well. This classic fantasy is dribbled in the theme parallel to the Selection.

Matched by Ally Condie

A futuristic- adult novel, Matched by Ally Condie in the first novel in matched triology which emphasizes on the fact that society is in charge of making the right choices for you. An attempt to reveal the flaw in eliminating the free will or freedom of personal choice. For a 6-figure job and perfect life, it’s a price too small to pay.

By society’s norms, Cassia is bound to spend her life with Xander- her childhood buddy. But Ky, is on her mind. Being faced with two choices, between Xander and KY, Cassia is stuck between traditional rights and wrongs.

If she chooses Ky she would be rebelling against the society, which no one has dared to do before. A never-ending war between perfection and passion.

She can be banished or left to adhere to serious consequences if she chooses to follow her heart. For Cassia love has become a question that can be asked but never answered.

This book by Ally Condie is perfect if you are looking for recommendations of Books like the Selection.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This is the first space-aged fairy tale in the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer which gives the same pleasure while reading and indeed one of the worthy books like the Selection!

The plot features a high-school cyborg who must battle for Earth’s survival against encroachers from outer space. Earth’s fate is in danger in the hands of a plague that has assaulted the population.

This is where Cinder comes in. A cyborg, with a troubled past and depressing yet emotional present. She is unaware that the destiny of the entire Earth hinges on her weak shoulders. When her life becomes entwined with the attractive Prince Kai’s, she is compelled to be a part of the intergalactic battle, and an illegal fascination towards the prince.

She is in a miserable condition to choose between two disturbing yet opposing ends. Torn between choosing love over family, responsibilities over opportunities and commitment over the betrayal. She would have to jump deeper into her past to save the future of her world.

Cinder is the modern world Cinderella, unique yet original in her ways.

The character is so beautifully developed that you fall in love with her charm, courage and personality.

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

The Glittering Court recounts the tale of Adelaide, an Osfridian royal lady who acts like her hireling to get away from an organized marriage and start another life in Adoria, the New World. In any case, to do that, she should join the Glittering Court.

Both a school and an undertaking, the Glittering Court is intended to change devastated young ladies into high society women who seem bound for rich and well-off relationships in the New World. She along with her two newly made companions has a blast at the center, as she is already a fine lady. This book resembles the Selection in several ways.

But she couldn’t resist the infatuation she felt towards Cedric, the owner’s son. Adelaide finds that Cedric is concealing his very own risky mystery, together they bring forth a plan to make the best of Adelaide’s double-dealing. Nothing can stop the love dwelling between Adelaide and Cedric, but this budding love can ruin the reputation of Glittering Court to ashes.

They both have to choose whether they would follow love or be banished into wilds.

Servant of the Crown by Melissa McShane

The Servant of the Crown is an epic love story which captures three flames of Countess of Waxwold, Alison Quinn; her love for books, her love for the monarchy, and her love for the playboy prince. Countess Alison Quinn is a studious, book-loving royale who is called upon to become Queen Tremontane’s lady-in-waiting.

While she did not want to take the post, she knew that it was her duty to serve the monarch. In the dazzling castle, she meets the rake, Prince Anthony North. Alison knew better than to associate with a known womanizer like Anthony and tries her best to keep away from him.

Anthony is intrigued by the beautiful and smart countess who refuses to fall for his charms. He opens his heart to the countess and reveals his true self. Alison falls for the reformed lady killer.

However, luck was not on their side; Alison was forced to leave the castle. Nevertheless, she did not give up on her love and monarchy. She returned as the royal librarian to support her beloved monarch.

She would have to show her faith, her love and her dedication to save her beloved library and kingdom but would she be able to save her relationship with the prince, or would she lose a part of her heart after all.

We hope you would love these collections of Books like Selection. If you have any of your favorite alternative to books like selection, don’t forget to comment and we would love to include that in the list too.