14 Best Stephen King Books to Read

Have you ever encountered an unexplainable experience with the supernatural? Do you want to stay awake tonight by reading the most enthralling book about supernatural powers, science fiction and crime? If you are looking for horror books- nobody writes them better than Stephen King. Numerous books by him have been altered into efficacious TV shows and spooky movies due to the amazing demand by his beloved audience. We will be sharing a list of Best Stephen King Books with you to help you start your journey with The King of Horror.

1.  The Outsider

A mysterious book by Stephen King which revolves around a deadly crime. Horrifying questions arise when a mutilated corpse of an 11-year old kid is found. The Little League Coach and beloved English teacher of the area is arrested for the barbaric act. The case seems to be ironclad but suddenly things began to unfold, revealing the most shocking truths. It seems that there is an actual monster on the loose ready to change your life into a nightmare. The book generates tension and unbearable suspense in the reader.

2.  The Institute

A creepy, horrifying, yet touching book by Stephen King. It is as perfectly sharpened and captivating as the absolute best of his work. It has no apparitions, no vampires, no transforming malicious mutants, or intruders from different spaces. Acquitted youngsters are tormented in “The Institute,” however the individuals who do it are humans. The story revolves around a boy who possesses telekin ability, who finds himself in “the institute” after being abducted. A vast array of sick and horrifying experiments is done on the kids, eventually which leads them to the Back Half- A place from which there is no return.

3.  Sleeping Beauties

A pandemic drop on the world which changes the fate of women and takes them into a deep slumber inside gristly cocoons. In case of slightest disturbance, these women tear the cocoon and enter your life in the form of a zombie. Their main targets are the men of the house. Amidst this situation, Evie comes in light. A character who is referred to as the “black angel”, she could be the savior of the planet or the monster pulling the strings. An epic fictional book by Stephen king which takes you into a feminist utopia.

4.  End of Watch

End of Watch is a crime novel by Stephen King. It is filled with well-sculptured characters, with strong motivation, flowing with the theme of the book.  Numerous suicide cases appear in the town, with a number of suicide attempts as well. With many lives on stake, its time to find out who is behind this. The main suspect being Brady Hartsfield. It seems like an open and shut case with just one error. Hartsfield in a severely damaged state is locked away in the mental asylum. This is a book filled with suspense, thrill and never-ending terror of murder-suicide.

5.  It

Seven kids – seven traumatizing accidents – one supernatural entity. This Stephen King book takes us on a journey of two different eras. It intervenes in the stories of children and adults- who they turn into. It plays around the lives of a group of children who find themselves amidst unspeakable horror created by the dancing clown of Pennywise. Years pass and they move on in life but none of them can resist the power that has drawn them back to their town to face the frightening nightmare without an end in the hands of a supernatural force. The author enjoys bringing our deepest childhood fears to life.

6.  Pet Sematary

A disturbing yet impressive, horror-filled fictional book by Stephen King. Things are just perfect for the Creeds. They are blessed with a peaceful and cozy house at one of the best locations, a superlative job, a delightful fairy daughter, a little bundle of joy son and a gorgeous homemaker wife. What more can a person ask for? What they did never ask for was the distressing veracity- a cat, who is not dead but verily is not alive even. With multiple scary deaths, horrible incidents, this book has the perfect touch of spook with the right number of paranormal elements.

7.  The Mist

A powerful storm leaves Maine, covered with a peculiar mist. The mist brings with it the most vicious, inexplicable monsters who are out to prey. The people of the town are ensnared, they have no way to escape their deadly fate at the hands of these monstrosities. David Drayton is stuck in the supermarket but is focused on saving his hometown. In the pursuit of evading the mist, he finds himself in the core of the horrors of the world and the paranormal world. This alluring book by Stephen King is all about facing your worst fears and fighting them off.

8.  Cujo

This is a classic horror book by Stephen King, the story features a giant pet dog Cujo who chases a rabbit into a cave colonized by bats. Cujo soon turns into an inevitable beast. The book narrates the horror of inaction, desperation, struggle and love. It is filled with ordinary events that change into a miserable disaster. The story exhibits dread when a loving pet is turned into a monster towards his family. A roller coaster ride for the readers.

9. The Dead Zone (Editor’s Pick)

An engrossing book by Stephen King which takes you to an emotional ride and a moral challenge. The plot features a man who has awakened after a coma of five years. Suddenly he finds himself in a supernatural position. He possesses the power to predict the future of any person he touches. While people think his mystical ability is a blessing, he takes it as a curse. His life changes dramatically when he meets the shady politician Gred. Hit by the visions of his upcoming treacherous deeds which can spread massive disasters, it’s time for Johnny to take severe actions to change the will of destiny.

10. Salem’s Lot

Salem’s Lot is Stephen King’s own favorite book which takes us on the voyage to fight off vampires. The plot revolves around two people, a man and a little kid who must return to their cherished hometown to save it from the horrific blood-sucking evils. Ben the man playing the protagonist, is focused on slaying these venomous, powerful blood-suckers to return the town to its original state. This horror cladded novel is one of the finest reading materials you will come across having just the right amount of horror, adventure, suspense and emotions attached to it.

11.The Shining

Jack is at the perfect place to start his life and career again- the Overlook Hotel. He has all the time to perform his duties, write his books and to spend quality time with his family. Jack starts feeling the presence of some sinister forces lurking in the hallways and corridors of the Hotel. In the process of losing his sanity, Jack finds refuge in his 5-year-old son who is gifted with the ability to see the evil dead. This cult classic novel by Stephen king keeps the reader intrigued by its maniac malevolent truths hidden in the depths of the Hotel.

12.The Carrie

The Carrie is a take on teenage evil. The story about a girl who possesses telekinetic powers. The author is successful in spreading the terror of this girl, in the mind of the reader. Carrie is set out to take revenge in the deadliest ways imaginable. Revenge on the ones who bully her, the ones who were involved in cybercrime, the ones who took her dreams away and her mom who thinks that her mere presence is a sin. Slowly her powers start getting stronger and her vengeance gets more terrifying. This classic book by Stephen King draws you in its horror slowly, captivating you in such a way that it is hard to get out. ­

13. 1922

The story is about Wilfred who plots to murder his troublesome, amoral wife and successfully gets away with it, which results in Wilfred getting periodic visits by his dead wife.

The book narrates discomforting scenes, illustrating ravenous guilt, sorrowful repentance and reconciled acceptance of damnation. The novel takes turns with supernatural forces swarming in the decaying ligneous ranch. It inflicts the experience of distressing slow-burn descent. This amazingly written book by Stephen King sends shivers down the reader’s spine.

14. Dreamcatcher

The story takes place in the town of Maine. It describes the life of four childhood friends, who find themselves in a situation of horror, mystery and alien invasion. A spaceship crashes in the woods, the aliens demand to be let out and stay in peace. The military, however, butchers them due to the unintentional virus spread by them. One alien finds alliance in the body of a man who has down syndrome but has amazing telepathic powers. It’s up to the man to save the world from the aliens coming after the world for revenge.

This list of Stephen King’s Books is enough to make your quarantine period better. Enter the thrill, crime, science fiction and suspense-filled era of Stephen King’s World to enjoy the prize-winning works to the fullest extent.