Best Electric Lawn Mowers 2022

Is the tall grass in your lawn bothering you? We can imagine how it lessens the beauty of your Lawn. Whether we love gardening or not but we definitely love a well-trimmed lawn.

Don’t worry because we have the solution! It would be a great relief for you if you are into gardening or have a big lawn.  

Gone are the days when people used to cut their grass with manual lawnmowers. With the new advancements in this modern era, even lawnmowers have upgraded to better machines. Gas-powered mowers have ruled the mower realm in the market for a very long time, but this time electric mowers are ready to give bummer to their realm.

With every passing year, we get hundreds of new models of electric mowers and gas mowers (corded and cordless). But today we would talk about electric ones only. Improvement in batteries has made the cordless mowers much more efficient and more vulnerable than before. Even the corded mowers also made some serious improvements.

Electric mowers have a broad range of sizes, features, and types. A whole new variety of electric powered lawn mowers have taken place over the market in the past few years and all of us are left with confusion to choose among them!

We’ve searched and compiled down the top lawnmowers keeping in mind their price, capabilities, and engine power. Scroll down to go through their product details, pros and cons.


List of Best Electric Lawn Mowers

  1. Green work Mower 25142
  2. EGO Power+ Lawn Mower
  3. American Lawn Mower Company 50514
  4. Sun Joe MJ1401E
  5. Black & Decker MTC220
  6. Worx
  7. Earthwise 50220
  8. Remington RM212A
  9. Black & Decker CM2043C
  10. Remington RM212A


GRRENWORKS 25142 10amp 16-inch corded lawn mower

GREENWORKS 25142 10amp 16-inch corded lawn mower is a heavy-duty equipment that is able to cut thick and tough grass. Height adjustment is available to cut the grass at different heights. It has 6 front wheels and 7 wheels at the back which allow it to move on bumpy grounds. It is a corded mower, powered by electricity. 16 inches cutting deck is used to cut grass efficiently and yield quick results.

The deck is made up of plastic. This mower provides both mulching and rear bagging properties. It is the best electric mower to keep your lawn beautiful. It comes with foldable handles and the cam lock features provide easy storage of mower when not in use. It has a cord lock that do not allow it to disconnect during working. A manual, collection bag and mulching plug is included in the package.



  •       Lightweight, best for smaller lawns.
  •       Easy disposal of trimmed grass through collection bag.
  •       It has a cutting height range from 5/8″ to 2-5/8″.


  •       No side discharge available.
  •       Not good for larger lawns with long grass.
  •       It has a small collection bag
  •       Extension cord should be bought separately.


EGO POWER LAWN MOWER 7.5 Ah Battery & Charger Kit

It is a battery-operated electric mower which is powered by 7.5Ah battery which uses ARC Lithium technology to provide enormous power. The arc design increases the surface area and spread the heat that helps battery from heating up. The battery software looks after the health of each battery. Keep-cool technique is practiced in this battery powered mower which allow the batteries to work in extremely harsh conditions by keeping them cool. Battery used in this mower is chargeable and best suitable charging temperature is 0°-40°C. Charging time is 60 minutes with fast charger.

It can take 145 minutes to charge completely by standard charger. Its speed varies from 1.8MPH – 3.6MPH. The weight of mower is about 2.9kg, it is easy to carry it around. The patent power management system shields the battery from harmful elements and prevent it from overheating.



  •       Suitable for smaller lawns
  •       Comfortable to operate.
  •       Easy to store.
  •       Lightweight.
  •       Batteries are water resistant


  •       Deck is made up of plastic, it cannot bear much stress.
  •       Battery time is just 45 minutes
  •       It covers area equivalent to ¼ acre, after that you need to charge it again.




American lawn mower 50514 is a corded electric lawn mower with deck size of 14 inches. It provides smooth and effective cut each time. It has enough power to overcome the difficult mowing conditions. It is best electric mower for domestic use. It starts just by pushing the start button. Adjustable handle length is very convenient for user which allow multiple positions to operate the mower. Handles have cushion grip for user comfort. It has a foldable structure which facilitates it’s packing and storage.

 This mower is also equipped with a grass bag which also has an indicator which tells when the grass bag is full. The bag is easy to remove and replace. It also has 5 height adjustment options. This mower is optimal for use in small and medium sized lawn. It doesn’t fit a large lawn requirement. If you want to cut the grass of correct size with respect to grass type and season this mower is the best option for you.



  •       Fast and reliable
  •       Eco-friendly, as electricity is used as power source.
  •       User-friendly functions.
  •       This Lawn Mower is easy to assemble.


  •       Not suitable for larger lawns.
  •       It doesn’t have a side discharge.



Sun joe MJ401E lawn mower is an electric lawn mower. It is operated by 12Amp motor which provide it with enough energy to cut any type of grass. Deck of this mower is powerful and 14 inch wide. A push button is installed which give quick start. It is equipped with hard top grass catcher which is solid and robust, designed to last longer. Extension cord is necessary with it.

It is one of the lightest mowers with a weight of less than 30lbs, this property makes working easier and allow easy movement around close spaces and flower beds. It is a powerhouse filled with loads of features within an affordable price. As it is powered by electricity, it does not make much noise as compared to gas powered lawn mowers.



  •       It has a push button instead of pulling cord.
  •       Cause minimum pollution.
  •       It has a solid motor with good torque.
  •       Maintenance cost is very low.



  •       Due to small deck, it is only used for small lawns
  •       Medium lawns will take too much time to complete
  •       It struggles with thick and tough grass and tend to clog
  •       Its power is less than gas mowers due to which it takes longer to complete its function.
  •       Extension cord is required.



Black and decker mtc220 lawn mower is a machine with advanced technologies. This lawn mower is provided with three tools a mower, a trimmer and an edger. This 3 in 1 feature is essential factor in extraordinary result of this mower. It provides more satisfactory results than a gas mower. Another noteworthy attribute of this mower is Automatic feed spool (AFS) which allow the system to work continuously without crashing and halting.

If someone is in search of a multi-purpose and mighty lawn mower Black and decker mtc220 is the best choice. It is powered by a battery which is chargeable. Adjustable deck height feature is installed so the user can set the system according to his desire. It is ideal for superior yard care and high accuracy cutting.



  •       3 in 1 feature is of primary benefit, it saves the money and space and it saves the owner from trouble of buying and storing all three tools.
  •       2 batteries are installed for longer run time.
  •       Cheaper to operate.
  •       It can cut thick weeds and rough grass without slowing down.


  •       Not ideal for lawns larger than 1200 square feet.
  •       Working can be interrupted when batteries ran out of power


WORX 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower


WORX 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower is a battery powered lawn mower by WORX is an extremely powerful mower with a 14 Inch cutting deck and a 3 in 1 mower capabilities including mulching, bag capture and rear discharge. This is considered as one of the best battery mower because of its strong engine & maneuverability. The best feature of this electric lawn mower is IntelliCut mowing technology which adds torque while cutting the grass.

This cordless lawn mower has the ability of cutting up to 10,000 square feet in a single charge. It comes with special mulching blades and grass bag capacity of about 0.85 bushels. It has a standard runtime of 40minutes which vary depending on grass type, storage and charging. It is one of the lightest mowers in the world. This electric lawn mower is light weight about 33 pounds heavy and easy to use. For long battery it is recommended to charge it fully after every use and store in a cool dry place



  •         Suitable for large lawns.
  •       Easy to use & light weight.
  •       Being Cordless eradicates wiring problems.
  •       It has rear discharge.
  •       It is very inexpensive.


  •         Limited battery life.
  •       Requires regular battery maintenance.
  •       Not suitable for uneven lawns.


Earthwise 50220 20-Incch 12-Amp Electric Lawn Mower


Earthwise 50220 20-Incch 12-Amp Electric Lawn Mower is a battery lawn mower by Earthwise is good for small lawns as it is a corded mower. Earthwise 50220 is a heavy-duty grass cutter with a cutting deck of 20 Inch. A 12amp electric engine is installed which is capable of doing hard jobs. It also has a 3 in 1 capability of side discharge, mulching bagging and rear bag for discharging.

This mower has a cushion grip which allow comfortable experience to the user and the vibration of the mower will not feel so hard. It has an enchanting design with a cushion grip to handle it well and 7Inch front wheels and 9-1/2-Inch rear wheels which make it comfortable to push through the grass. This battery powered lawn mower also has an adjustable single lever with the height of 1 and ½ inch to 4 Inches. It weighs 60lbs but it is still lighter than gas mowers



  •       It Handles small and well-tended lawns easily.
  •       Easy ON and OFF mulch plug.
  •       It has a large cutting Deck.
  •       It has Cushion grip for easy handling.
  •       It has Rear Discharging.



  •         It’s corded
  •       It is Heavy weight
  •       It Doesn’t work for large lawn


WORX WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower

The WORX WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower has a 3 in 1 deal that contains mulch, bag and rear discharge. This amazing electric lawn mower by WORX is perfect for small lawns. This mower can easily go around the corners and cover areas which are difficult to be covered by gas powered or battery ones. It is very easy to start.

This electric mower has an avant-garde front wheel design with locks which provide extra mobility. It has 19 Inch steel cutting deck which makes it a solid cutter. The best feature of this electric mower has height adjustment for multiple cuttings for various surroundings by just pulling a single lever. It has foam padded handle for good grip. The most like able feature of this lawn mower is storage capacity. It has an additional caster wheel design with locks that provide flexibility. This electric gadget has characteristic of height adjustment for trimming


  •         Compact Storage
  •         Foam padded easy grip
  •         One touch collapsible handle
  •         Adjustable height
  •         Steel Cutting Deck
  •         Heavy weight


  •         It has a limited work area
  •         Requires wheel adjustment after changing height
  •         Not Suitable for large lawns


REMINGTON RM212A 12-Amp 19-Inch 2-in-1 Corded Electric Lawn Mower


REMINGTON RM212A 12-Amp 19-Inch 2-in-1 Corded Electric Push lawn mower is a solid propelled grass cutter. It is suitable for small yards. This corded electric lawn mower has a 19 Inch cord with a 24 Volt strong motor. Its power is easily manageable with minimum number of vibrations. No need to worry about taking care of your lawn once you have this gadget. It’s easy to use.

This machine comes with a 12 Amp motor that causes no noise turbulence and also refrains from creating pollution.  It has an adjustable six position deck. It also has 3 in 1 capability including side discharge, mulch and bag. For comfortable use it has cushion grip which also absorbs vibration. It is easy to start you’ll need to just push the start button. The 19 inch long cable enables you to cover large area of yard.


  •         Adjustable Handle
  •         Comfortable to use
  •         3 in 1 discharging capabilities
  •         Foam cushion that absorbs vibration
  •         Innovative design
  •         Low cost
  •         2 year limited warranty
  •         Easily assembled



  •         Corded (it covers limited area)
  •         Average Performance
  •         Heavy Weight

Black and decker CM2043C Electric Lawn Mower


Black and decker CM2043C is a versatile machine that make trimming and shearing of grass effortless. The amazing framework of this machine makes it able to build your courtyard more exquisite. Size of its deck is 20 inch. A 40 Volt motor is installed in it. It is a cordless mower which is operated by means of two Lithium ion batteries. The run time of this mower is about 60 minutes. Battery can be replaced by another battery, when first battery dies.

Its design makes it capable to trim narrow edges as well. Another noteworthy attribute of this mower is a lever which is used to adjust the height, to allow mower to cut at different heights. Its light frame makes it easier to move at any direction. Cutting speed can be adjusted according to cutting requirement. Auto-sense technique is used to check the thickness of grass and makes it easier to adjust speed. This mower doesn’t have self-propelling property, that’s why it can be easily pushed forward. Safety key is also installed which helps to prevent any accident.



  •       Quiet to use.
  •       High performance
  •       Cost-effective
  •       Allow smooth mobility


  •       It blocks while shearing thick grass
  •       Batteries must be switch manually. No auto-switch available.



You need to know a few things before you select an electric lawn mower for yourself. 


 The electric mowers are just simply a yard tool that has its pros and cons. For every yard, they are not efficient. These lawnmowers require some specific conditions to work effectively and efficiently. There are 2 types of electric mowers you can find.

(a) Corded Lawn Mowers 

(b) Cordless Lawn Mowers

Corded Electric mowers run on the electricity via wall socket with the help of a cord. While Cordless run on their ion battery.

Electric mowers are efficient for smaller lawns (under 8000 feet) such as home lawns. Moreover, electric mowers are efficient to trim the grass at a certain height. This lawnmower is not efficient for abundant verdure and expanded thickening of grass. Both types of electric mowers operate as a side discharge or mulching mowers.

 If you are worried about the noise produced by the mowers, then you don’t need to worry. These electric mowers are noiseless. It produces the sound of about 75 decibels while running. It is slightly higher than a normal conversation between 2 people. Moreover, they are Eco-friendly because they do not emit pollutants to pollute the environment like gas lawnmowers.

These self-propelled mowers are so reasonable that they run whole season. But their contribution to bill is only about 5$. Additionally, they are easy to use. You just need to just push the start button. For corded electric mower the maintenance comprises of clearing the dust and litter from top and bottom and also the razor sharpening.


              To buy the best electric lawn mower you’ll need to look for the features in a mower that are as follows

  •       Width of Swath: For best electric mowers you’ll need to look for a model that has broader swath. Because of this you can complete the trimming within less time.
  •       Powerful Battery: One of the features is to select that mower that has powerful recharge batteries. Because the powerful batteries provide more power to mower that assist in better trimming. The batteries that are used in mowers are average range between 20V to 60V.
  •       Side Discharge or Mulching: For better cleaning of debris and litter you’ll need to look for a model that has side discharge so that you can attach a bag on it.
  •       Adjustable Cutting Heights: You’ll need to shoot for that mower, having adjustable cutting heights like gas powered mowers. The grass cutting height ranges from 1 cm to 4cm.

Choose your lawnmower wisely from the list while counting in these important things to consider.


Choosing the best electric cordless lawn mower has the same technique to look over the its features.

In my opinion, the best cordless mower is Greenock 21 Inch, Cordless Mower. Because it has the feature that you’ll love. It has 2 G-Max 80-Volt lithium ion batteries. That supply on the power that makes the mower to cover the 1 Acre area of the yard with a single charge. This self-propelled cordless mower has the touch of smart cut technology which means it has sensors that make the blade speed when it senses that grass is thicker. This mower is easy to start, for this you’ll need to just push the button. It contains 7 Inch large front wheels and 10 Inch large rear wheels. These wheels make it move and trim easily.