5 Best Biodegradable Trash Bags 2021

What are the most Eco friendly & Biodegradable Trash Bags? 

This was a question asked by one of our readers recently.

The answer to this question is not a simple one and we would have to look in to detail if Eco friendly kitchen bags or garbage bags do exist?

But if you can compost or biodegrade them, they could be a perfect alternative to Plastic trash bags for helping the environment.

The better and most safer way is to produce the least waste. Always try to use Kitchen Compost bins for composting the kitchen trash before throwing it away and try to avoid plastic bags at all costs. It can substantially decrease the burden and harmful effects on environment.

While using a plastic trash bag is harmful to our environment as we all know. It a no brainer, Right. So lets give biodegradable or compostable trash bags a try.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the best Eco friendly trash bags you can buy right now. They consists of both biodegradable and compostable trash bags.

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Second Nature Compostable Trash Bags

The Second Nature Bags are 100% Compostable and Biodegradable bags that are perfect for Home and Kitchen trash or Food Scrap. The bags are certified in US, Europe, Canada and Australia and meet international composting standards including STM D6400, EN 13432, AS 4736, AND AS 5810, ASTM 6400.

Second Nature Bags are also safe for backyard or garden composting. These bags are strong and can withstand any type of food waste. Made of renewable bio based materials like sugar cane, plant starch and vegetable oils, they live up to the expectations and are quite durable.

These garbage bags help environment decompose quickly and can contain general trash and also cat and dog poop.

Each second nature bags box comes with 50 bags. It comes in three different capacities. You can use a pack of 3 gallon trash bags, 7 gallon ones or 13 gallon bags. The interior dimension of 7 gallon bag is 16-1/4 x 16-1/4 inches.

These bags are easily biodegradable too and fully biodegrade within 26 weeks, that is around 3 to 6 months. The second nature bags are approved to be used in residential compost piles. If you want to speed up the disintegration you can keep it in a backyard composting container with lid, so it gets more heat.

To keep the bags as close to nature as possible, there are no colors added and the bags are translucent. Only some writing with green food based and BPI certified compostable ink is used.

BioBag – The Original Compostable Bag – Kitchen Garbage Bag

BioBag is a leading eco friendly bag manufacturer for collection of food scrap and other organic waste. They are on a mission to give organic trash a new life. Biobags is different from other compostable bags in a form that there bags can decompose with other organic trash in municipal composting facilities.

As the biobag compostable garbage bags are made from renewable crops starches, you can dig them in your backyard, and these bags can be easily consumed by micro organisms that live in our soil.

Biobags is dedicated towards reducing the amount of trash in the landfills that includes food waste, yard waste, paper waste and pet waste. This is the reason they have been making compostable food scrap bags and food storage and sandwich bags which are a great alternative to traditional polyethylene zipper bags.

For collection of Yard junk, Biobags has introduced Lawn and Leaf Bags made of renewable crops, unlike others which are made of trees or petroleum. They can easily withstand wet waste and hot weather.

Biobags compostable bags for pets also comes in quite handy. They are made of resin derived from plants, vegetables and compostable polymers. So now you have no reason left to use plastic based trash bags. Instead use these quality compostable and biodegradable bags and help the environment.

UNNI Compostable Trash Bags

UNNI Compostable Trash Bags are made from plants. They believe that U and I can make smarter choices everyday to make Earth a better place to live for everyone and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

These trash bags are environmental friendly and biodegradable too. With the certification of OK Compost Home, you can even decompose them in home composting units easily.

Apart from that they have also been awarded Biodegradable Products institute (BPI) certification of ASTM 6400 that means these garbage bags can be composted in industrial, municipal facilities or even at backyard.

One box of these UNNI 100% Compostable bags contains 50 bags per roll. They have a capacity of 13 Gallons that is around 49.2 liters. The size of a bag is around 23.75 x 29.375 x 0.85 inches. So they are large in size and quite thick. Even wet waste won’t leak out. They are durable and strong and don’t break easily.

As we described earlier, these UNNI bags are made of plant starches with highest quantities of bio based content and contains no polyethylene. They are non-toxic, easy to use and greener alternative to conventional garbage bags.

UNNI compostable and biodegradable bags are an ethical choice for a cleaner environment and greener future for all the inhabitants. Keep these bags in cool, dry place and you can use them within a year of purchase. Buy these sustainable trash bags today, help the environment to stay healthy and replace the plastic bags today.

BAG To NATURE Compostable Tall Kitchen Bags

Bag to Nature came into being after Indaco Manufacturing coordinated with municipal compost collection programs. Indaco has been producing biodegradable films since 1980s. Currently they are producing compostable kitchen bags under the name of bag of nature.

Bag of Nature is one of the strongest and most reliable bags on the market. They don’t tear, break apart or leak. All Bag of Nature bags are certified by BPI to meet the standard ASTM D6400-12. This ensures that these bags can compost quickly and safely in commercial composting facilities without leaving any harmful residue for the environment.

Bag To Nature kitchen biodegradable bags offers extremely powerful and fast bio degradation. This means they turn from waste to compost quite quickly.

The bags are made of highly biodegradable polymers that are strong and leak resistance but when placed in active compost facility. They tend to convert to carbon dioxide, water and biomass within few weeks.

They can be used both for residential kitchen bin bags and also for commercial yard waste bags. The above box contains 50 Jumbo sized bags each measuring 24 x 30 inches – A perfect size of curbside bins.

JTSC Compostable & Biodegradable Trash Bags 

JTSC bags are 100% Compostable and biodegradable bags. These bags are made of completely decomposable plant starches. No Plastic, polyethylene or harmful chemicals are introduced in the production of these bags.

The good thing about these garbage bags is that they completely decompose within 90 to 180 days in a home compost bin or industrial or municipal compost facilities.

And even if its thrown in garbage, it biodegrade naturally in few years. No harmful by products or residue is released in decomposition. They decompose into carbon dioxide and water. This is the reason they are known as truly Eco friendly garbage bags in the market.

The only drawback is that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend putting wet waste in them. Get on Amazon

The come in different sizes i.e 8 gallons, 13 gallons and 33 gallons. The dimensions of a 13 gallon trash bag of JTSC is 29.5 inch x 23.6 inch x 1.0 millimetre thickness.  This means they are strong and durable enough to withstand any waste. With the use of high biomass content in each bag, they make perfect solution for yard waste bags, compost bags and lawn bags.

The JTSC compostable bags meets and hold OK compost and ASTM D6400 certifications which make them ideal for garbage disposal and picking up any biodegradable scrap material or backyard composting.

Things to consider while using Biodegradable Trash bags

  • Only use it for dry food waste only
  • No liquids or wet food waste.
  • As its plant material, never put dog poop or cat poop directly in the bag otherwise it will disintegrate quickly.
  • They decompose with heat and moisture. So store them in a cool and dry place.

But what about Compostable or Biodegradable Trash bags. Let’s talk about both of them briefly.

Biodegradable Trash Bags

To be very honest and straight forward, the biodegradable garbage bags would in most cases won’t biodegrade regardless of the content of biodegradability in them. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all landfills to block out any moisture, air or sunlight.

These are the most essential and crucial elements for proper bio degradation of these bags. And most of the biodegradable trash bags tend to land in the landfill, it would be impossible for them to decompose at all. Unless proper mechanism is practiced to ensure their bio degradation.

Compostable Trash Bags

Usually Compostable and Biodegradable trash bags are used interchangeably. But they have a slight difference. The Compostable trash bags also don’t break down in landfills either. They can only be decomposed and disposed off with the help of high heat industrial composting facilities.

Both these garbage bags are somewhat better than plastic trash bags in a sense that they at least can be decomposed. These biodegradable and compostable trash bags don’t really stretch much and can break easily if not use with caution.